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Us Film Producers want to Work with Cheryl Cole

British fashion star Cheryl Cole is under high demand as she prepares for the US version of X Factor, a singing competition show currently auditioning talent for what promises to become a blockbuster hit among American television viewers.

Hollywood is attempting to transform the superstar from British role model to a sophisticated and glamorous “old world” style star, especially after a shocking audition in which Cole showed up wearing purple britches matched with an orange top.

The Daily Mail contrasts her audition apparel with her classy attire at the film festival at Cannes, where she thrilled fans with two dramatically stylish outfits.

Cole reportedly has been assigned a stylist that will presumably help her gain some fashion sense that will make her more acceptable to American tastes and fashion sense.

A person within the X Factor production team candidly told the Mail that Coles gorgeous appearance was severely mitigated by her bizarre costume which may have made her feel comfortable, especially were she at home in the UK, but was shocking to the Holywood experts who are supporting the new show.

According to the Mail, British personalities, especially females, are not accustomed to the high degree of fashion and grooming the American entertainment market demands.

X Factor boss Simon Cowell says that he has until September to get Cole to piece together an appropriate wardrobe for the show. Although superficially humiliating, the fashion problems Cole is experiencing are apparently anticipated. The superstar has already canned her British support staff and is aggressively working to adapt to the rigors demanded over her by her American taskmasters.

Everyone working on Cole’s image all the way down to her makeup specialist have been replaced as she continues to interview stylists and other workers who will help transform her into an American television phenomenon.

To top off her aids, Cole is being buttressed by Tom Ford, a Gucci designer who will likely help create a wardrobe that will accentuate the star’s natural beauty. Other powerhouse names like Brad Goreski, Jennifer Rade and others who have extensive experience equipping America’s greatest celebrity names.

One of Nicole Kidman’s fashion consultants had no shortage of criticism to offer Cole. He lambasted her purple pants, condemned her for having a beauty pageant appearance and sounded somewhat sexist by suggesting that she find some exciting male celebrity to date to amp up her intrigue in the American market.

That consultant, Phillip Blotch, says that being pretty isn’t enough to make it in Hollywood. From the looks of it, Cole has a lot of work to do, but with all the powerful help supporting her, she will likely meet all the marks required of her in time for X Factor to hit the American airwaves.