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Up the Creek 1984 Film

Up the Creek (1984) Starring Tim Matheson, Jennifer Runyon, Stephen Furst, Dan Monaghan, Sandy Helberg, Jeff East, John Hillerman, James B.Sikking, Julia Montgomery, Tom Nolan, Peggy Trentini, Jeana Thomasina, Lori Sutton, Gina Barbisan, Julie Caspell, Will Bledsoe, Romy Windsor, Mark Andrews, Grant Wilson.

Directed by Robert Butler.

Runtime: 96 Minutes.

Rating: R (Brief Nudity, Coarse Language)

College man Bob McGraw (Matheson) is in trouble with the dean. He should have graduated eight years ago but has remained to party and pretend to pursue study. He and his underachieving reprobate buddies haunt their campus sitting like vegetables at the bottom of the grade pool when they aren’t boozing and scheming to get their freak on with younger females.

The dean (Hillerman) is unamused and not surprisingly concocts a scheme whereupon McGraw and his buddies will be blackmailed/bribed/invited to participate in a whitewater raft race to represent the school in national competition.

If they lose they will kicked out of the school permanently. If they win certain academic rewards are theirs. McGraw reluctantly agrees when promised a degree in English Literature and is able to persuade his compatriots that they can win whilst not missing a sip of their beloved beer or opportunities for meeting college girls outside their own campus.

His nerdy friends are not as great a help on the journey as his dog is, but McGraw still takes them along as part of his team. His advice on women provides them with a strategy that works for him but not for them.

They must hike a mountain trail, navigate torrid rapids, face off against a military school team and another composed of devious Ivy Leaguers each of which seems to possess a competitive edge which eludes McGraw and his buddies.

Tim Matheson and Stephen Furst starred together in National Lampoon’s Animal House, the college comedy hit movie that spawned many ripoffs in the 1980s. This is sort of a send up of Animal House and it’s copies. Furst also appeared in Midnight Madness (1980) another college comedy.

Dan Monaghan who appeared in the Animal House ripoff Porky’s in 1981 was recruited for this along with Jeff East who played Rex Crandall, leader of the villainous Ivy League team. East was another legacy cast choice having appeared in the college movie The Hazing in 1977 which was re-released following the success of Animal House in 1978.

Also featured are Julia Montgomery from Senior Trip (1981) and Lori Sutton from Fast Times at Ridgemont High (1982). Jim Kouf who scripted this also wrote the college comedy Class (1983).

Assembled here was an all-star team of college/stupid teenage film comedy under the management of prolific TV director Robert Butler. As a result this is one of the less bad ones but that is hardly a glowing endorsement is it?