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Understanding Suffering in the World

 There are many beliefs as to why there is suffering in the world, and I believe it is a combination of things. One of the main reasons we have suffering in the world is that people don’t have common sense. If you don’t have the money to buy something then why would you go out and finance it, therefore paying more in the long run? This is a big problem globally today. Think about how much money as a society we waste on interest payments that could be going into the bank so that when we need something to fall back on it’s there. Think about how much more we could give to help others if we would just put aside our need for instant gratification and wait to save up to buy things.

This was not a problem in old times. There was no such thing as credit. We had what we had or was given to us. We also have suffering in the world because people do not respect each other. We have murder because people don’t value human life. There is a fine for illegally killing a bald eagle but it is not even a crime to kill an unborn child. How can this be? God gave us free will, but he did not intend for us to use that to please ourselves. He intended for us to make the right choices and please him.

We also have suffering because of the influences we let have control over our lives and situations. When we begin to think of this life as anything more than a staging area for what’s to come there is a problem. You will pass from this world and you will end up in one of two places. What you do while your here will help God to decide where you go next. If we trust in God that the things going on around us are all part of his plan and stop trying to run our lives and the ones around us, we will all suffer a little less.

We will always have suffering in the world. We can choose to praise God despite the suffering, or we can curse him for the suffering. The choice is yours, and you know which one is right. Something else God gave us is the Holy Spirit, some refer to it as your conscience. Your conscience is prompted by little nudges from the Holy Spirit. Pay attention to those nudges and suffer a lot less in this life.