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Understanding Cycles of Life

The recent shooting reminded me of the nature of life and how it is very difficult to have security at all times. If we got rid of guns we would have to get rid of knifes. Then we would have to get rid of fists and legs too. That seems like a false supposition but bad people will do bad regardless of the law. The notion that guns kill people and not the people themselves is skewed towards interventionism since that kind of idealogy promises peace and security at the expense of humanities need for uniquity.
This is my ideaolgy of Pandimensional Libertarianism. The cycle of liberty comes at a cost. The ebb and flow of the force is understood to me as a wave of energy given off by humanity. This wave is always cyclic in nature since the energy involved cycles as a matter of physics.
The wave of hatred and murder came to me about three days before these events happened. I was reluctant to write this since I find blame is easily assigned by people who are ignorant of the matrices of life. The wave felt like murder. This is a natural outlet for pressures of life. The harboring of resentment and destruction of life in our society releases like a blow valve. This wave is not a joke nor a pious attempt to relegate the individaul responsibility. The companion or sympathetic vibrations that we all share yet claim to not understand are present here and in the astral plane. Those persons murdered because they are evil or insane, but one of them was told to do it by a force of nature.
This is integral to the law of connectedness. The failure of people to discern that praying for the death of your enemies kills your compatriots is disgusting and those who tell people to pray for the death of anyone are especially to blame. This pastor is a culprit in much hate crime in our fair country. I will not mention him by name but the spirits feel he should leave the astral plane to those who are mature enough to undertake the responsibilty of the connection of Heaven and Earth. The pastor does not realize he immobilizes the forces of good when decides to hate-monger and prejudice the energy that ebbs and flows through-out the universe. Yes, THE UNIVERSE!
The final key element in telling if the cycle will happen is to not judge or condemn but silence your mind and listen to the natural echo of humanity.