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UK Castles to Visit for those with an Interest in the Paranormal

For people with an Interest in the paranormal, the UK is a great place to visit, as there is abundance of historical places to visit where paranormal activity has been reported.  Among these buildings are some of the most famous castles in the UK. Here is an overview of some of the best castles in the UK to visit for those with an interest in paranormal activity. 

Arundel Castle

Arundel Castle was home to the Duke of Norfolk and is situated in West Sussex.  The castle has also been home to many notable families and some that are related to the crown.  There have been regular sightings of at least four ghosts.  The first ghost is thought to be that of a child who worked as a servant in the kitchens approximately 200 years ago.  The second ghost that has been sighted is that of a lady dressed in white. It is believed by some that suicide from one of the towers was the cause of her death.  The third ghost is referred to as the “blue man” and dates back as far as the times of Charles II.  The fourth ghost is rarely seen and is a man with white hair who was seen near the footbridge of the castle by an employee.  There is also believed to be a fifth ghost; however, this is not in human form.  It is, in fact, the ghost of a bird.  The white  bird is often seen fluttering around the windows of the castle.

Muncaster Castle

This castle is situated in Ravenglass, Cumbria, and is considered by many to be the most haunted building in the UK.  Sightings of paranormal activity began only  in the early 1990’s.  The castle is open to visitors to take tours in the hope of encountering one of the castle’s ghosts.  Visitors have had a variety of experiences when visiting the castle, such as hearing footsteps or a child wailing, changes in temperature, being touched or experiencing chest pain.  Some unlucky tourists have also been tossed out of bed.    

Bodelwyddan Castle

Bodelwyddan Castle is in Denbighshire, North Wales.  Walks and séances are held throughout the year.  There have been many paranormal experiences in this castle, including hair pulling, shadowy figures in the corridors, a ghostly lady, hearing voices and strange sounds and lights.  Records show that, in 1829, Sir John Hay Williams found human bones near to one of the chimneys.  He noted in his diary that he had built the bones into the walls.  They remain there to this day.  Many believe that this could in part be responsible for the paranormal activity of the castle.


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