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TV Televion Society – No

In the UK, television is soulless and unimaginative. Channel 5 used to show Nascar, NBA, NFL, MLS, NHL and NBA. Baseball has been totally scrapped, the Ice Hockey presentation has gone to highlights from the night before and now probably won’t be back. I think they will hang on to NBA & NFL the others I have no idea. Quiz-call, a call in quiz show with premium rate phone lines and has been proved to be fixed has taken to the air.

Big Brother was the first massive reality television show, using premium phone lines and employing psychiatrists to manipulate the contestants. In the first few years making stars out of all the house-mates who lasted more than a month and these shows have sister shows “Big Brother’s Little brother” and “Big Brother’s Big Mouth”. And for the duration in the news you will not hear of a terrible murder or another atrocity but you’ll hear about the latest love interest of a house-mate.

Then there is Love Island, Survivor and numerous other shows, and celebrity versions where has beens try to revive their career. And there are these documentaries which aren’t of historical or political importance, they are all about should I have a boob job?, How to Look Good Naked, How to Lose a Stone and various others. Then you have programmes which are hour long adverts “Heston Blumenthal: Big Chef takes on Little Chef”, where a television chef tries to improve a national mega fast food chain. It’s an infomercial.

Then there’s “Pop Idol”, “The X Factor”, & Britain’s Got Talent” and no, Britain has not got any talent. These shows are ruining society, television and music. While the winner can sing they always do covers and get number 1 because the talent show they were on was a long running advert. And these use telephone lines to vote for favourites so even though a record label is offering a lucrative contract they’ve already made more through these premium phone lines. I’ve seen talented musicians who write their own songs and play instruments and sadly will never make it.

It’s nice to see Heroes, My Name is Earl, Family Guy, but the television schedule is becoming worse by the day as society does. And a lotof great shows have been cancelled. With television and film we have an opportunity to escape real life to lose ourselves in a great romance or a sci fi thriller but yet most people watch other people sleep while voyeurism is human nature to watch somebody sleep on a television, that’s just sad.

The sooner reality television shows stop will be the day society gets back on track and I don’t think it’s going to happen. There is a song by “The Red Hot Chili Peppers” called “Throw Away Your Television”, take their advice!