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TV Show Reviews Tori and Dean Inn Love

Tori and Dean: Inn Love has to rank within my top 5 guilty pleasure reality shows of all time. The show is on Oxygen on Tuesday nights at 10:30, right after that other terrible show about Bad Girls. Granted, Inn Love does not take many brain cells to watch and tends to have it’s boring moments, but there are times when Tori just becomes the most entertaining person alive.

For instance:
1. Plumbing problems might not seems exciting to most, but listening to Tori discover “poop roots” is pretty awesome. Just watching her expression as hired workers pull giant balls of poop out of her yard is worth the not so exciting moments.

2. Dean has a serious issue with packing peanuts, and Tori knows it. So instead of being gentle and carefully pulling items out of packaging, she just ravages through the packing peanuts and makes a mess. When Dean tells her she has to clean it, Tori’s excuse is, “I’m pregnant, can’t bend over.”

3. Dean gets a little frisky and basically asks Tori if she wants to fool around. Tori’s reply is a crazy cat meow.

4. (And my personal favorite) Dean chases down paparazzi that have trespassed onto their property and is furious after dealing with the intruders and police. He asks Tori to watch out for more paparazzi hiding in the trees. What does Tori say…something to the effect of, “Ooh, I’d better give them my good angle.” Of course, she poses…with her dog.

Though I hate to admit it, Tori Spelling is a hugely entertaining person simply because she never takes herself seriously. She has let the peroxide sink in, and I love every blonde moment she has. Another aspect of Tori that I greatly appreciate is that she gained a ton of weight during her prenancy. She was not one of those celebrities who try to gain a minimum of 15 pounds when pregnant, she packed it on and is straight up chunky…which I never would have expected from the Tori we all knew who was 100 pounds dripping wet with silicone boobs and numerous nose jobs. In this show, you wouldn’t think she cares so much about her image so much anymore, which is so refreshing. Cheers to unapologetic chubby girls! Just face it, Tori Spelling is entertaining. You are not stupid if you allow yourself to watch a dumbed down reality show, you just know what good, cheesy humor is all about. So let down your guard this Tuesday night and taking in a little Tori and Dean.