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TV Show Reviews the Middle

Patricia Heaton has managed to lead an ensemble that brings laughter to a sitcom.  The Middle is a show that reflects the  life of a typical middle America family. The scenes are so typical of the happenings of an ordinary family, that they are believable and comedic. It is a family rated show.

Patricia Heaton stars as the mother of a family of three children with totally different personalities. There is the oldest son, Axel, played by Charlie McDermott, who has the mind and body of the typical teenager. His daily routine is filled with sports and girls. There is no time for school.

Sue, played by Eden Sher, is a young teenager, who seems to have no one in her corner. She is klutzy and not the ordinary stereotype for a teen. She is not popular and definitely not athletic. Her determination to attend school, without missing a day, makes her the perfect mold for nerd girl.

Brick, played by Atticus Shaffer, is a book worm. He loves to read. His school life is one of reading and getting beat up by the other jocks.  He is forgetful, but very creative. His creativity often gets him in trouble.

Mike, played by Neil Flynn, is the father of the brood. His parenting skills are guided by his wife, Frankie. He is a working man and his house is his castle, when he leaves work. 

Patricia Heaton plays Frankie, the mom of the house. She works for an auto dealership trying to sell cars. Her exploits at work and her home life make for interesting viewing.

Episodes that showcase the life of a family are the mainstays of the show. When Mike lost his job, the family must cut back on expenses. One of the children is not picked for a sports event, even though they tried hard to win the chance to compete. The science project is due and the child remembers the night before the deadline. Cutting marshmallows and inserting tooth picks into a Styrofoam ball is just one of the nightly chores of the family. The show features many problematic situations that are common when raising a family.

This show is often placed against other popular shows on competitive networks. The viewing audience will be changing channels this summer and once they find The Middle, they will be surprised with the show.

Patricia Heaton and cast have a winner. The “Select TV Entertainment Magazine” is furnished in most Sunday newspapers. This publication has in depth coverage of the show, listing information about episodes and the actors. According to the magazine, The Middle is scheduled on Wednesday evening at 7:00 p.m. Central Standard Time on ABC. It is guaranteed to tickle your funny bone.  It will be one of those family shows that you have been looking to view.