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TV Show Reviews the Life of Riley

The Life of Riley is a comedy television program that is shown on BBC One in Britain on Wednesday evenings.  It depicts a London based family (the Rileys) where the parents are on their second marriages and have brought children from their previous relationships into their new marriage and also have a young baby of their own.

The popularity of this TV programme can be credited to the fact that many people can relate to the characters of this dysfunctional family.  Many viewers find themselves in similar family situations and they can relate to different aspects of the individual character.  The humour in the show is easy for viewers of all ages and walks of life to relate to and the characters mock themselves.  The plot is very much based on typical family life and the Riley household.

The main characters are as follows:

The mother, Maddy Riley, is played by the famous British actress, Caroline Quentin.  Maddy works part-time and is a wife and mother.  Her character is generally disorganised and being domesticated is not necessarily her forte.  She is happy-go-lucky and has a tendency to over involve herself in the business of other family members.

Jim Riley, the man of the house, is played by Neil Dudgeon.  Jim works form home, using the garden shed as both his office and personal retreat away from the family.  Jim keeps himself to himself and would do anything for a quiet life. 

Katy Riley is Jim’s teenage daughter from his previous marriage.  Katy is totally self-centred and could be described as being a ditzy teenager.  However, these personality traits are not necessarily negative ones as Katy is generally a likeable girl and whilst not being particularly bright, is generally good natured.

Danny Riley is Jim’s teenage son from his first marriage.  Again, Danny is a generally likeable teenager with typical teenage boy interests, particularly trying to get girls to go out with him.

Ted Jackson is Maddy’s son from a previous relationship.  Ted could be best described as a geeky kid who is intelligent and quite technically minded.  Ted is also obsessive about cleanliness, which is unfortunate as Maddy’s domestic skills are limited, and whilst the house is never unclean, there is generally clutter on most surfaces. 

Rosie Riley is Maddy and Jim’s only child together as a couple.  However, as Rosie does not have a speaking role because she is only a baby, she only makes occasional appearances but is talked about in many conversations.

Overall, The Life of Riley is easy viewing and a great programme for those who enjoy comedy shows.