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TV Show Reviews Survivorman

“No food, no shelter, no fresh water, no tools…no camera crew. One man-alone in the wilderness for seven days.” Survivorman is a reality survival show broadcast in Canada on the Outdoor Life Network, and in the United States on The Discovery Channel and The Science Channel. Each episode, the host Les Shroud is dropped off in a different wilderness situation and must survive for seven days with few supplies and little or no food and water. It could be a desert, it could be a swamp but either way, it’s going to be tough. He has to use his wilderness skills to acquire shelter from the elements, build and maintain fire,keep himself safe from any animals he might encounter, and find food and drinkable water. Not helping the situation, he is the cameraman, so he must carry around the camera equipment,set-up and film, all while keeping himself alive.

He brings along a few common items most people might have if they were in the same situation, like a book of matches or a pocket knife, and his trusty harmonica. The items are different each episode and he changes them to show different techniques for building a fire, or fishing, or many other skills.

Shroud narrates the show as he goes along, and you get an inside look into the mind of someone in a stressful situation, also he gives feedback on his physical and emotional condition. He provides valuable tips on edible plants and what to stay away from and gives survival pointers.

This is a dangerous thing to do, to go out in the woods or the jungle alone, but Les Shroud is very prepared. He has extensive training and worked both as a full time survival wilderness guide and a survival instructor. This isn’t his first show either. Other shows he has done are “Surviving Urban Disasters”,”Off the Grid with Les Stroud”, and “Stranded” which was the pilot for “Survivorman”.

It’s a little unnerving to see someone go through what he does, but I feel having seen several episodes I am much more prepared in case I ever get into a situation like that. There is no bad language so it is child friendly (except maybe for the bug eating that occasionally happens) and is very educational. Les Shroud is a funny,intelligent guy and a great teacher. I highly recommend this show to anyone,it’s great for the whole family. One episode, and you’ll probably be hooked like me.