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TV Show Reviews Sealab 2021

“Sealab 2021” is a revival of the old cartoon “Sealab 2020”. But the thing is, it’s not that much of a rival. It’s basically Sealab 2020 with all of the Sealab characters. But the thing it pokes fun at the characters and the people on Sealab do things very out of character or OOC which is the funniest thing. Though it might seem to be something unoriginal at first but it’s very fresh and original. Sealab 2021 is by far one of the funniest things I have ever seen in my life.

This cartoon is one of the shows that is currently on the Sunday night Adult Swim block on Cartoon Network. It has the original characters of Sealab 2020 but they poke fun at those characters. There’s so many things that are explored in the cartoon. Also the racial stereotyping is pretty hiliarious. Every episode that I watch has me laughing for a good half hour. Whenever I want to relax, I would watch Sealab 2021 if it’s Sunday night for a good laugh. After a good laugh, I felt so much better.

I very much enjoyed the new portrayals of the characters. Captain Murphy is portrayed as very deranged and unfit for command as it was proven. He ended up destroying all of Sealab at the end of just every episode. Murphy is pretty incompetent and very insane. This is one person that’s pretty deranged and pretty childish. In a sense, Murphy is pretty much my favorite character. He complains about his missing Happy Cake overn which Sparks hid to drive him even more insane. Then he pirated radio signals for a pirate radio station which eventually had the FCC destroy Sealab with depth charges.

Debbie DuPree known as “White Debbie” is portrayed as the token white female and dumb blonde of the crew. That’s another funny stereotype that’s portrayed. In a sense, Debbie seems to be the most hated person in all of Sealab. Yet, she can be pretty slutty at times.

Stormy is portrayed as a retard which is funny. He’s by far the dumbest member in all of Sealab. Also, his stupidity has caused Sealab to get blown up on several occasions.

Quinn is my favorite character. He’s the most intelligent member of the crew and is the token black guy. Of all the members, Quinn is the only one with the intelligence and the common sense. But nobody else listens to him except for Marco who seems to be the other only intelligent member of Sealab.

Sparks has been portrayed as a schemer. However, they decided to make a play since Sparks is the radio operator. His sits on his butt most of the time on the office chair. Everywhere Sparks goes, he’s on his chair. One episode talks about how Sparks has these movie deals. When Sparks acts in those movies, he’s still sitting in his chair. He’s my other favorite character because he’s always causing all sorts of chaos.

Marco is the stereotypical muscular Latino lover who tries to get with the women on Sealab but fails. Since Estrada voices marco, there are a lot of refences to the old 1980s TV show called “CHiPs”. Without Marco, Quinn would probably go nuts. Of all the members, Marco is the most calm and level headed of the bunch.

The characters have been humorously made into the strereotypes. Though stereotyping is wrong, the creators of Sealab 2021 managed to put stereotyping in a very funny light. It’s non-canon and the continuity of the series is ignored which is pretty funny as well. Also, the characters are killed in almost every episode but they’re still alive in the next episode and so forth.

It’s pretty random humor. If you like randomness, then check out Sealab 2021.