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TV Show Reviews Moral Orel

Asides from “Robot Chicken”, “Moral Orel” is a great way to revive the art and craft of claymation. It’s nothing like Robot Chicken, but that is the great thing about Moral Orel. Moral Orel is a pretty funny cartoon in its own right. Asides from watching Robot Chicken, I do enjoy watching Moral Orel. At the same time it revolves around the Christian faith yet at the same time poke fun at it. Though one might think the show might be heresy or blasphemy. With Moral Orel, it’s hardly the case.

The story takes place in Moralton, Statesota which is a made up city and state in the United States. Moralton seems to be a jab at “morality” and so forth. It’s a jab on where the church is the center of the United States. Moral Orel revolves around Orel, who lives by the “moral code” of Christianity. Though Orel can be dense, he’s the most loveable character in the show and this coming from a guy. While he has an uplifting spirit, everybody else around him including his parents are getting jaded and so forth.

They make a good point that their brand Protestantism seems to be the contributing to a majority of the problems facing most of the characters with the exception of Orel. Mainly, Orel has that bright enthusiasm throughout every episode. His father is an alcoholic in secret. It showed that their version of the religion lacks emotional warmth which seems to be a problem with a lot of different religious faiths in the world today.

Though a few episodes were banned becuase they were deemed “too crude”. One of them had Orel and a new friend beating up two boys who seemed to be gay. Though it’s wrong. But in a sense it’s funny at the same time because they point out a bunch of important things. They eventually got approved and would air around summer of 2006. My favorite was when Orel got caught masturbating. They talk about how wasting sperm is a sin. As a result, Orel tried to impregnate women around town.

But, Orel tends to take the teachings out of context. Which is pretty funny. For a 12-year old boy, he sure has the sexual endurance that would make any guy envious as he impregnated a large portion in a short time. That was a pretty good jab on some of the teachings while science say that masturbation is healthy and improves the prostate.

His dad seems to keep his son in line. But in reality, Clay is an abusive alcoholic that belts his son for no reason at all. He also has a whole bunch of guns that would make the NRA blush.

Overall, Moral Orel does a good job of pointing out how religious fanatics do in fact take religious text and signs too much out of context. The intellectual crowd would love the show. The right-winged neoconservatives would probably condemn the show.

Each episode reveals that most of the characters are indeed very messed up. Reverend Putty is a masochist who enjoys inflicting pain on himself.

Overall, Moral Orel is just good comedy.