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TV Show Reviews Kyle Xy

Kyle XY is an ABC Family Original series, starring Matt Dallas. In the beginning, a teenage boy (Dallas) finds himself naked in the middle of the woods. Clearly, he has no human personality, but is instead relying solely on instinct. When he is found, he is put into a Juvenile Detention Center. He has no identifying marks except for one thing; no belly button. The Centers Psychologist, Nicole Trager (played by Marguerite MacIntyre) becomes fond of him, and feels she has a connection with him, though he cannot speak, or understand her. He lacks human emotions, and standard human behavior. Nicole however, believes she can help him, and she decides to name him Kyle.

Thinking perhaps his strange behavior is because of some type of traumatic experience, Nicole tries to make him feel safe, and is granted permission to take him home with her. She introduces him to the family, and then proceeds to ask them if it would be all right with them if he stayed there a while. All of them object, but when Kyle starts making rapid improvement, and starts learning to speak, they are all shocked. Kyle is truly special, and finds a place in everyone’s heart.

It doesn’t take long for him to be drawn to the neighbor girl, Amanda (Kirsten Prout). Human instincts, as well as emotions are tugging at him, and he is not sure what they are, or how to handle them. In the meantime, Kyle keeps doing strange things that leads the Tragers son Josh (Jean-Luc Bilodeau) to start making a list, and has officially decided he is an alien. From jumping off roofs, to magically being able to fix computers, Kyle is certainly showing some outstanding abilities.

Contrary to Josh’s belief however, Kyle is not an alien. With the help of his friend Declan (Chris Olvero) who just happens to be the Tragers daughter Lori’s (April Matson) ex-boyfriend, Kyle starts uncovering what he truly is. At the end of the first season, Kyle meets a man named Tom Foss (Nicholas Lea). Foss explains to Kyle that he was an experiment in an underground facility. Up until the day he woke up in the woods, he was in a chamber, which mimicked a mother’s womb, which is the reason for him having no belly button. They believed that a person who was kept in an inactive state and stayed in the “womb” longer would have special abilities. This experiment clearly worked.

In the beginning of season two, Kyle finally meets the man who created him, and who’s DNA was used to create him; Adam Baylin (J. Eddie Peck). He proceeds to teach Kyle many new things, but is shot and killed before he is able to explain everything to him. Season two also shows that Kyle is not alone. Jessie XX (Jamie Alexander) is introduced, and is of some concern to Kyle. Unlike Kyle, the bad guys seem to know how to control Jessie, and plant her in his world to try and get “information” from his head. It turns out that Kyle has some very important information in his head, and the company is willing to do anything to get it.

Eventually, Kyle and Jessie both figure out that they are the same and realize the company is user her to get to him. Despite her efforts, her programming turns her against Kyle and she gets his information. At the same time they both find that Adam Baylin is alive but in a coma, and is slowly healing himself. In the season two mid season cliff hanger, Jessie gets upset over what she did, and jumps off a cliff… literally. We later find out that she did indeed survive the fall, and came out completely unharmed. Jessie starts working towards becoming Kyle’s friend, and wants to do good. Kyle in the meantime is still worried about who, and what, may be out there watching… and waiting for the right moment to strike.

Jessie was created from the DNA of Sarah (Ally Sheedy), who was at one time Adam Baylin’s girlfriend. When Kyle and Jessie find out she is alive, Jessie is excited at the prospect of family and decides she wants to leave town with Sarah, but Kyle is reluctant to let her go. In the Season 2 finally, Jessie makes up her mind to go with Sarah, but we do not know if she actually will. Also, Amanda, who is now Kyle’s girlfriend is kidnapped by the company, and the show leaves off with Kyle finding the company ring where he last saw Amanda.

Kyle XY is currently in between seasons, but should start its third season sometime in the summer of ’08. Millions of viewers tuned in to watch this show on a weekly basis. Though the plot is good and the acting is wonderful, some of the dialog can become a little cheesy. However, it does well with the show. I give this show 4/5 stars.