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TV Show Reviews Gundam x

“Gundam X,” “After War Gundam X,” or “Mobile New Century Gundam X” is a Japanese anime series that is part of the popular and long-standing Gundam franchise that began in 1979. Gundam X is the third series to be set in an alternate universe. The series came out early in 1996.

The series is directed by Shinji Takamatsu and runs for about 39 episodes. Gundam X was released after the success of the “Gundam Wing” series. In a sense, the scenario behind Gundam X mirrors that of Gundam Wing. However, in the case of Gundam Wing, the era is After Colony (AC). In Gundam X, the era is known as After War (AW).

Gundam X is on the premise that there was a war between Earth and the space colonies. A war between the Earth and space colonies has always been the premise in the Gundam series. In the case of Gundam X, all of the space colonies had dropped down onto the planet. Ninety-nine percent of humanity has been wiped out in the process. Earth and humanity is beginning to heal from the war.

Much of Earth is a wasteland as a result of the war. The main character is a fifteen year old boy named Garrod Ran. He is pretty much a scavenger on a mission. By fate, Garrod rescues a girl named Tiffa. Tiffa has special psychic abilities. Eventually, Garrod gets in control of a special Gundam known as the GX-9900 Gundam X.

The series combines the genres of adventure, drama, mecha, and science fiction. However, Gundam X was not that great of a series. Unfortunately, the series was cancelled after 39 episodes. It did not seem at all that appealing. Asides from the dropping of colonies, Gundam X looked to be nothing more than a series trying to emulate Gundam Wing.

Sponsors withdrew from Gundam X due to the falling ratings. Gundam X looks to be one of the least successful Gundam series let alone a series that is set in an alternate universe. You can still possibly catch Gundam X on a few websites or by ordering the DVD set. Keep in mind that everything will be in Japanese with English subtitles.

Due to the low success, Gundam X has not been dubbed in English. If you are a die-hard fan of Gundam, by all means, watch Gundam X. Other than that, there are better Gundam series.