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TV Show Reviews Charmed

Charmed has to be my all time favorite show. The cast is exceptionally great. The first three seasons to me weren’t the best. Shannon was a great actress but the show itself didn’t have the great special effects or storyline until the middle of the third season. The special effects really took off in the fourth season and I always looked forward to seeing what major battle the sisters would be involved in next. I didn’t actually even start watching the show until the middle of the 7th season, but as soon as I saw the first episode I started renting the show from the first season. I love every episode for different reasons. But the fourth season was absolutely one of the bests. I wanted so bad for Cole and Phoebe to stick out but in the end “it just wasn’t meant to be.” I really thought Paige was a great addition and really went well with the show. I really could sympathize with her character because she tried so hard to fit into the role of Prue and to prove to Piper and Phoebe that she could handle her wiccan duties. The sisters bond grew to be even more powerful than when Prue was on the show. The only complaint that I really had about the show as a whole is the fact that Leo and Pipers relationship was a bit over done and drawn out. Who actually stays together after all those obstacles? True love is true love but come on! And of course Cole and Phoebe staying together would have been a bonus. The show does a good job of trying to stay as close to the actual wiccan religion as well. Although, it is still a topic of debate whether or not magic actually exist, the demons and warlocks on the show are close to the descriptions in the wiccan religion. Overall, the cast and supporting actors and actresses were all great and worked on-camera together. They complimented each other and seemed to be a real family network. The real life problems that the sisters faced while trying to balance their wiccan duties at times were a matter of comedy and I chuckle at some of the lines used in certain parts of the show. I was really sad when the show ended and wasn’t at all impressed with the finale. I thought that it could have been better and I hope that the fallout of what happened behind the scences with warner channel will die down soon so that they might talk about a movie or even a reunion show. If anyone reads this from the cast,(not likely), we love you guys and no matter what warner channel says you guys rocked that show and we all miss it deeply. Please make a reunion show!