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TV Show Reviews Big Brother UK

Well as I am here in the UK and one of the many people watching the current series of BIG Brother.

The character’s that are in this show are all very different in each of there own way. The house at the beginning was so good with just the female members and it would of been great to see it continue like that but oh no…. big brother wanted to mess with everyones minds yet again and thought that bringing in just one male would stir things up, and sure enough it did!
You now have Ziggy in a relationship with Chantelle the wan a be WAG mmm again this is yet another relationship that is going to end up going no where when they are out of the BB house.
But hang on a min last evenings episode she said that BB has helped her see what she wants out of live and that she no longer wants to be a WAG … lets see shall we once she is released from the house if the limelight changes her feelings.
This there now makes me question the BB show why do we all watch it, is it because we like to see how been stuck in a house with numerous strangers effects our mental well been? Or is it that we just like a bit of gossip and to discuss the carrying on with others?
Why does BB make people want to leave the house? Is this because people don’t like to be controlled – so far only one person has walked and i must say that I am surprised as to whom it was.
So we also have a very controlling person in the house and she has even admitted that she is picking on vulnerable targets to ensue arguments… Think it is time Charley was put up for nomination again or is it that BB know that Charley is good entertainment value for the show…. this in it self makes me think that BB could be staged!
So who is next up for eviction will it be the right person?
Who will win, will it be Carol… no… don’t think so as not sure BB want her.
Will it be Gerry whom I think is great …. No not sure about that neither by bet is on the twins… oh well till the next eviction.
Still will watch it even though just had a rant!