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TV Show Previews Lost Season 4 Finale

Well, Jim and Pam didn’t get engaged so the only thing I have left to live for is the two hour Lost finale on May 29. With a show that’s notorious for shocking season enders, this episode has a lot to live up to.

Even without all the secret twists the episode is sure to have up its sleeve, we will witness an event that all Lost fans have been awaiting for years: the rescue of our beloved Losties. We’ve seen what happened to them on the island, we’ve even seen the lives of the survivors back home after the rescue. This episode will bring those timelines together by showing us how they get off and why only six of them are rescued.

With all the anticipation building, all we can do is speculate about how the Oceanic Six will get together and be rescued and more importantly, what happens to the rest of them. Right now, the six people we know get off are spread out wildly throughout the island. Jack is with Sawyer and the helicopter pilot. And we know Sawyer doesn’t get off the island. Kate and Sayid, who both get rescued, are currently with the Others who we believe to have been summoned by Ben to save the island from Keamy and co. Meanwhile, Hurley is tagging along with Ben and Locke on a mission inside the Orchid Dharma station.

The most perplexing of all is the fact that Sun and Jin are both off the island on the freighter. Sun is with Claire’s baby, who is the last member of the Oceanic Six. Both of them make it off, but we know Jin doesn’t. In flashforwards throughout the season, he’s been said to be dead but that could be misdirection and just part of the cover up that they were the only survivors. My theory is that Jin is actually alive, though they have been trying so hard to make us believe he died. And Sawyer, who we know from a flashforward “chose to stay behind” is the one that gets killed. As a huge Sawyer fan, I hope that’s not true.

Another character whose days I also believe are numbered is Claire. In fact, I think Claire died two episodes ago when she got trapped under a house that was blown up by the freighter people. For the entire run of the series, the Losties have been able to see people who have died, i.e. Jack seeing his father, Hurley seeing Charlie. So it wouldn’t be completely out of left field of the Claire that Miles and Sawyer were with was one of the island’s zombies.

The island does a lot of things, but it does not hypnotize people. So the biggest support for this theory is that no mother would leave her child like she left Aaron unless she’s no longer Claire. She was also acting mighty strange with “her dad” when Locke went into Jacob’s cabin.

But of course, with the season finale fast approaching, the question on everyone’s mind is, how the hell do you move an island? According to Jacob, this is the way to save the island and the people in it. If we’re to believe Ben, this “move” has something to do with the Orchid station, a fake greenhouse that hides its more important function. What that function is, we will find out in two weeks.

But for the time being, there is just one thing I’m fairly certain of and that is that this event is going to be huge. So if you’ll bear with me, I’ll explain what I think is the key to the season finale and the next season.

If you think back to the season two finale when they stopped pushing the button and the island’s magnetism went haywire and the sky turned purple. The last scene of that episode was of two guys in the Arctic who saw a ping on the radar and they called Penny and told her they had found the island. At that time, this was the perfect set up for season 3 because we were supposed to believe that it was Penny’s boat that was out there when it wasn’t.

We know now that at that time Penny wasn’t even looking for Desmond, she had no reason to and no place to start. It isn’t until “The Constant” this season when Desmond gets in touch with Penny, that she learns he’s even alive. So now Penny has a reason to look and a place to start.

My theory if you haven’t figured it out yet, is that the scene in the Arctic was shown out of order but that it hasn’t happened yet. And that the ping wasn’t at all related to the events in the season two finale but actually whatever happens at the end of this season. If I’m right, whatever Locke makes happen in the Orchid is so big that these guys in the Arctic pick it up on their radar and gives Penny a place to start in her search for Desmond.

This would mean that next season, she could be pivotal in rescuing the rest of the people on the island. The Oceanic Six could even team up with her in this goal since they have started feeling increasingly guilty about the ones left behind.

Of course, that’s just a theory and there are still tons of unanswered questions. What is the smoke monster? How does the press explain these six survivors if they had previously uncovered “the wreckage” and accounted for all the people on the plane? Hopefully, we’ll be getting the answers to these questions soon.