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TV Show Plot Summary of the Event

The Event is a new Science Fiction/ Political thriller by NBC.  Though a very different story it obviously gets some inspiration from The hit show Lost.  It is similar that many characters are presented and only when they show clips of “backstory” do you begin to see how connected all of these characters are and how deep the whole “plot” goes.  There is a lot to be revealed and I am sure some things revealed will STILL not be what they seem. (At least until season 2.)

The Event Backstory

The main backstory begins with something that happened in Alaska during World War II. (This seems to be The Event.)  A ship full of Aliens crashed.  They look very human but of course with bloodwork were found to not be human.  Many of their unhurt members left and proceeded to blend in with humanity.  They are very long lived so they appear exactly the age they were in 1942.  Since that time all of the aliens have been imprisoned in Alaska, fearful of what they might, “do.”

Principal Characters of the Event

The story begins with the introduction of the principal characters.  The new president who finds out about the aliens and want to announce it to the world.  A brilliant computer programmer who is going to be married.  His fiancé.  And a secret service agent who is really an alien, “sleeper”

Things get dicey

There is a group -their purpose is unknown yet- who want to keep the aliens locked up and secret.  They kidnap the fiancé and arrange to have the president killed by flying a plane into a meeting where he is about to announce the aliens.  At the end of this the main group of Sleeper Aliens, who seem hostile use some advanced technology to make the entire plan translocate.

As Sherlock Holmes would say- The game is Afoot

After this we keep learning a little bit more.  There is something the aliens – even the “good” ones- don’t want us to know.  The computer programmer is framed for murder.  The chief of staff for the president seems guilty of something.  Little tidbit piles onto little tidbit as the writers draw us deeper and deeper into the events of the event.

All in all it is a satisfactory series.  Far better than the steaming pile that Hawaii 5-0 turned out to be, but not as good as….Lost.