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TV Predictions Big Brother 8

I have watched Big Brother for the last 3-4 seasons. The first 2 seasons I didn’t understand what was going on. Mostly, I just liked to see who was sent home.

Last season while I watched the “all star” show, the concept began to take shape in my mind. I throughly enjoyed it and was pulling for Jannelle. My two daughters who live in other cities would call me to see what I thought would happen that night on the show. We began almost daily conversations about what was going on in the “house”.

Again, this season started out slow for me but I have grown attached to the players. While I consider myself to be a religious person, I think Amber and Jameka are way out there. When Amber was praying and said “God, bless you God” I almost lost it. I don’t believe I have ever heard anyone “bless God”. Isn’t that what he does for us?

Eric may be America’s player, but I would like to think Jessica is too smart to fall for his antics. I certainly hope she knows better than to think she might find true love in the “Big Brother” house!

Evel Dick is very entertaining to watch. He reminds me of someone I’m glad I don’t call a friend any longer. He obviously has issues that need to be addressed when he leaves the house. Zach is a non-entity to me. I usually forget he’s still there!

So that brings me to Danielle who I feel is one of the brightest contestants of any season. If she continues to fool everyone into thinking that she is helping them play a good game (including her dad) then she has an excellent shot at the $$. I would like to see her go to the end and take it all!

Well, after tonight’s show Zach is on his way to the Jury House and Dick and Danielle are celebrating in the Big Brother House. I’m far as I’m concerned Big Brother 8 is over. It doesn’t matter who wins now…there is no surprise left!