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TV Network Reviews Food Network

Rachael Ray and I stand in her Food Network kitchen and she actually allows me to carry ingredients from the refrigerator to the counter without her assistance. I think she was testing me to see if I too could carry an insane amount of things in my two hands. I make it to the finish line and the food preparation begins. Rachael and I speak about friends, family, clothing and of course food. I offer her tips and she thanks me for taking the time to cook with her.

That never happened to me. I only wish it did. I want to cook with Paula, Giada, Ellie, Ina, and Tyler. These amazing Food Network personalities have touched my heart and taught me what I know about cooking. These people come into my home regularly. They share personal stories, offer cooking tips and become cooking “buddies”. I long to be able to cook like these amazing people. I would love to work with butter like only Paula can. I would give a lot to learn more about Italy from Giada. I would reluctantly be reminded about healthy eating from Ellie. I would envy the garden of Ina and learn a lot from the friendly Tyler.

The Food Network is not just another channel. It is partially responsible for the new wave sweeping America. Cooking at home is now a goal of many Food Network viewers. Women and men alike strive to get back to the one thing that holds families together regardless of location; food. Food can comfort, satisfy, fulfill, and nourish. Food is used in times of celebration as well as in times of mourning. The Food Network appeals to people of many different backgrounds and cultures. It uses smart marketing to lure us in. Then they throw in these amazing cooks that become a part of our homes and our hearts. Paula’s love story and marriage was for all to see as we watched and listened to the television. Giada is now pregnant and I can not help but feel extremely happy for her blessing. I do wonder if any foods absolutely repulse her now that she is with child!

There is so much garbage on television today. Watching the cooking shows is an escape from a reality that is often full of bad news, violence, sadness and war. The Food Network brings me back to the feeling of home and simplicity. It allows me to dream even though I still can not carry as many items as Rachael can in one trip!