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Turning Failure into Success

When you have your mind in a higher state of consciousness that is when you become aware and see failure as one step closer to success. I know with myself and many others even though I know what it is that I am suppose to do yet I choose the opposite. Some would call this insanity I suppose doing the same thing over and over. Society has taught us to think that failure is an actual event.

However, when you really stop and think about it without failure there would be no success. Everyone who has ever made a substantial impact on the world had to overcome countless failures along the way. Yet they knew that they had to keep going. As a result of this they accomplished their dreams and then some.

If we are constantly telling ourselves that when we meet “failure” that just means success is around the corner. Then we subconsciously ingrain that into our minds therefore making the will to succeed that much stronger. So basically the best way to turn failure into success is to know that failure is just part of the process. That way we know that in order to be successful with anything we must meet opposition. That is what lets us know that we are on the right track. No one ever said that life was easy. It is a learning process that we are here to take in and experience.

Failure is our way of letting ourselves know that we get to think of another solution. When we do this we are constantly thinking of new ways to make our dream happen. I believe that failure is also a way to pick the weak minded from the strong minded. It takes a great amount of will power and determination to make dreams come true. It can happen, however, where 90% of people end up is quitting or getting distracted when we meet failure and then use it as a crutch to lean on. Making a dream come true takes a lot of self discipline as well. The go-getters are the ones that know that they are here for a reason and no matter what happens or what it takes they will fulfill what they came to do. The bottom line is that we all have this potential inside of us it is just a matter of recognizing it and tapping into that gift. The key to all of this is knowing that I am worth it I am worth all my dreams and more then I can imagine. We are all worth it no matter who says otherwise. I know that I love a challenge and that is how I view failure. It is a challenge to do better, to work harder, be more motivated and ambitious.

Another tricky factor is laziness. This is something I myself have experienced many times. I use failure as an excuse to be lazy or unmotivated. However, when I remind myself the key to success is failure then I can have the world in my hands. I have a key to knowing that every time I fail I am only that much closer to success. When we become passionate about our dream that is when it really takes flight. That is the goal to find a dream or accomplishment and put passion behind it. Even if it is something minor. I tell myself that no matter what I am going to accomplish my dreams. I have to make it happen no one else will. Failure is going to be everywhere. Opposition will arise at any given moment. The payoff to failure is when we finally succeed and get to what it is we want.

Rather then focusing on the failure aspect of it choose to see the success waiting on the other side. Seeing failure going hand in hand with success. Realizing that the success will be what makes all those failures seem like they never happened. That is the best part knowing that no matter what you are up against or how many times you fail, it’ll all be worth it in the end.