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Trusting Spirit Guides Angels

A Quick Guide to Spirit and Angels

In order to trust or believe in the existence of spirit guides you must first understand the purpose of a spirit guide which means understanding the nature of spirit. Spirit is a term for what many of us commonly refer to as the “soul” or the essence of our being. It is the embodiment of our inner energy rather than physical form we know as the human body we occupy while spending time on earth. It is the core energy in each one of us that lives on after our bodies perish. It is the energy that eventually separates from its physical form and moves on to a higher plane. Spirit is the soul that lives on after death.

Like spirit guides, angels are also energy. However, angels are formed from a greater energy than spirit. Angels will never occupy a physical form on earth or engage in the human experience. Their energy is higher and more evolved since they were designed with a different purpose. Angels provide us with heavenly guidance as devout messengers and missionaries or divine assistants fulfilling roles on behalf of a higher power. Angels have specialties or expertise governing certain areas of knowledge that are less general and more specific. For example there are love angels, finance angles, career angles, health angels and so forth.

Spirit guides are like our guardian angels, but they aren’t angels at all since they have already existed in physical body on planet earth. A young spirit or spirit about to undertake a new physical life form on earth is assigned at least one spirit guide and sometimes more depending on the spirit’s needs established for a particular life path. Our eternal spirits are whole even when the physical bodies we occupy are disabled, mentally challenged or handicapped. Once the spirit separates from the “broken” body it is complete or whole again.

A spirit guide is tasked with watching over us throughout an entire lifetime keeping a staunch eye on our well-being and helping us through our lifetime on earth. They want to help us stay on track in order to fulfill the designated purpose of our earth visit. Angels on the other hand are called upon when specific needs arise. Angels provide assistance based on a current need, problem or circumstance. They do not remain with us for an entire lifetime, but they will work with us and our spirit guides during the time we need them most.

Our spirit guides speak to us through our own inner voice and in our dreams. A portion of our conscience is drawn from the guidance of our spirit helpers. In other words our instincts are not always our own and often driven by the advice of a spirit guide. The little voice in your ear or the thoughts that miraculously appear out of thin air is often the infusion of information we receive from any energy beyond the earth plane. If you’ve ever gone to bed with an unresolved problem to suddenly awake the next morning with a solution you didn’t have the night before then you have likely been touched by an angel or received a gift of vision from a spirit guide. A spirit guide cannot make choices for us, they cannot override or control our free will nor can they intervene or our behalf. They can provide divine guidance from the sidelines hoping that our internal voices are loud enough to hear and we’re smart enough to listen.

Since spirit knows our path and understands our purpose with a greater degree of insight it is wise to trust the information we receive from our inner voice or that speaking from our subconscious. Spirit can see far behind the scope of our earthly horizon, therefore we should openly trust the messages we are given from spirit since the information is valuable to our purpose and never designed to fool or trick us. Spirit guides and angles are the little helpers looking out for our eternal best interest.