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True Science and True Religion must Agree – No

True Science and true religion must co-exist. There are errors in Darwin’s theory as well as truth. The same with religions. There are many contradictions between the many Christian religions as well as all other religions. Once true science is discovered and true religion is discovered it will obveiously be seen that they agree. For now, science has not been able to create life. Geological time and biblical time my seem to diverge, but the scriptures say that time is only measured unto man. In relativity time is not a constant in the equation of speed/time/light. It is a variable. When we are aligned with God’s science we will see that it is all in agreement, but not limited by man’s finite understanding. Eventually man’s mind has the potential of infinite knowledge, but only when in tune with the infinite.

If you read A Brief History of Time by Stephen Hawking you will see an opening for the co-existence of geological time and biblical time. With that relaxed other things open up to reconciliation.

In the matter of the origin of life by spontaneous generation, since man can not create it with all he knows now, the prospect of it happening by accident seem absurd.

The insistence that there cannot be a superior being with the power to move matter and diseminate his desendents thoughout the universe is the utmost arrogance.

Also, that evidence that there is a component of life beyond the visible body, namely the spirit, is evident in many ways.

The resurrection of Jesus Christ can be studied with reason and physical evidence. One example is the asserted appearance of the resurrected Lord in the western hemisphere in 33 AD. The record of that event is published in the Book of Mormon (a translation of ancient documents) and can be studied and confirmed with reason and evidence.

If Jehovah really said “Let there be light”, and the biblical account is right, the life came from a higher being. Adam would be the literal offspring of God. That, as a theory, can be studied with reason and cosmic evidence. A simpler way is to ask him as he claims you can do. That requires the initial inquire with a degree of faith and hope. In that context, millions have come to a knowledge of the truth. There is no beginning to life. It has always existed and has come down from exalted generation to generation.

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