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True Muslim Character

Islam means “peace” and any one who is the follower of Islam is peacefull and peace creating. Islam has very much emphasised on the positive character of a person while living in any kind of society. In the context of positive character it means that one must be a helping and problem solving mood for everyone becuase the ideals and leaders of Islam have done sio and told about doing so.

If we examine the hiostry of all the prophets that have passed away from this world and whom religions are reconised by Islam we may see a true example of the character of a Muslim because all the Muslims have faith in all the previous religions and cannot do against any act of any Prophet of the past.

For example a Muslim is that who will die but will never do against the sayings of God Almighty or his Ideals. In this context I would like to quote the example of a companion of Hazrat Muhammad(SAW),Hazrat Abuzar Ghaffari(R.A).He(R.A) was adised by the Holy Prophet(SAW) to speak truth and always take the side of truth, no matter what the conditions may be.And He(R.A) was thrown into exile by the third Caliph to Syria and when He(R.A) kept on preaching the right theme of Islam the ruler of Syria said to the Caliph to take him away for he kept on teasing him due to his lavish expenditures and luxurious living and at last He(R.A) was thrown into exile in the desert of Rabza, a place in the way of Madina and Mecca, where He(R.A) died alongwith his son. This all happened after the Holy Prophet(SAW)’s death but He(R.A) never did against the sayings of the Holy Prophet(SAW).
Another example is of Hazrat Ali(A.S) that He(A.S) was the perfect and nominated person after the Holy Prophet(SAW)’s death but when He(A.S) saw that some people have gone against Him He(A.S)remain silent.

When all the other people came on the stage of caliphate and rejected the family and Hazrat Ali(A.S), the cousin of the Holy Prophet(SAW) and husband of the Holy Prohet(SAW)’s daughter. Hazrat Ali(A.S) remained silent till the period of the three caliphs ended.But even in that period He(A.S) kept on giving great decisions and advices to the government and that is why the second Caliph had to say that if Ali(A.S)had not been present today, I would have died.

We also find an example of Hazrat Hussain(A.S),the son of Hazrat Ali(A.S) and the grandson of Hazrat Muhammad(SAW), that He(A.S) was being forced by yazid paleed, the grandson of Abu-Sufyan, to accept his actions, such as drinking wine and playing archestra and playing cards and his declaring the marriage of a person legal with his aunt,and also accept him as a leader.But He(A.S) rejected to fulfill his desire and gave away all His family and himself fighting against yazid paleed’s force.