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Trends in Science Fiction Movies

CGI, or Computer Generated Imagery, has taken the science fiction genera to an all new level. Even though they now have spectacular effects, the story pretty much ends the same. There’s always an antagonist, you know.. alien, horrible weather, meteor, and they have to stop this thing from destroying Earth. Assembling a crackpot team, kinda like the A-Team, made of an explosives expert, the muscle, the wise-ass, the brains, and someone who can use a computer like a porno star can use a dil.. well, you know. It’s like Hollywood stopped caring and said, “Boys..we’re gonna rape and pillage our way through westerns we’ve already made, then on to comic books. After that well tear up the original movie by sequelling the life out of it, depending on box office take in. We’ll let them digest that and it’s cartoon time!” Sequels? Remakes? You bet your ass.
Even the good scifi movies, the OLD ones, have been beaten down by the remake wagon.. except a few. Invasion of the Body Snatchers with Donald Sutherland was awesome, and even Tim Burton brought those “damn dirty apes” alive with Planet of the Apes, but The Blob? The Thing? Not too good. Just shows them that you can’t polish a turd. I mean, I guess you could with enough plastic spray.. but it’s still gonna be a turd. If they want to do a good remake let old Spielberg direct Planet Outlaws.. introducing Bruce Willis, or whoever, as Col. Buck Rogers. I hear the money in the bank already.