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Trails of Life

As a row boat can survive in a vast ocean, so too, can us humans survive in the thing we call life.

How many times have we sat back and said to ourselves, I’m very thankful for the trail that is before me. Part of surviving the trails of life is recognizing what it is. Once we do that simple part, the rest always, has a way of working it self out. On paper that sound easy enough, but in reality we don’t always understand it to be that way. Often we wonder why and question.  

A very close friend of mine related this story to me, will call him Peter. Peter had by all accounts, a successful life. A wonderful, supportive family, a career that was in the fast track, (he was in the banking industry). By all accounts in which society measures success, he had it all.

One day on the golf course, I asked Peter how he does it. His responds to me about set me over the edge. He started to tell me things, that neither I, nor anyone else who knew him would have ever guessed. He began to tell me, life isn’t always what it appears to be. He had partaken in harmful activities. He had just resigned as the manager of the bank was he was employed, because of allegations of misappropriations of funds. He was under investigation by the FBI for this allegation. To top it off, his wife through him out of his quarter million dollar home in which they lived in.

Searching for anything to say to my good friend, who is dealing with so much trail and adversity? As we came up to the eighteenth green, he said to me, everything will work out, he became aware that through all of this trail, he realized what in life was important. He had a sense of peace, one in which I never seen in my good friend.

In thinking about this story, I myself could be so lucky, to have the peace in knowing all will be ok. Often think about that rowboat in the ocean, and take notice on how I deal with the trails of life and know with a certainty, as my friend Peter knows, there is a God who watches over us, and He will never give us more than we can handle. Having Faith and believe.