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Tough Time Quiet Time Spending Time with Jesus

Below you will find something the Lord laid on my heart along with scriptures that amplify or support that.

You get up in the morning and are on fast forward, if you are like me. Grab the dirty clothes basket and get it into the wash, eat breakfast and feed the family, in my case that is 4 cats because Mick feeds himself with homemade bran muffins I always have ready for him. Clean kitty boxes, unload the clean dishes and reload dirty ones, get out to water the first batch of trees.

I know many of you are getting ready for work or to transport family members to school or appointments. Then there is cleaning the house, oops, the bathroom could use a little help and I put the Scrubbing Bubbles to work along with some elbow grease. Need to check e-mail.

Next time I look at the clock it is going on ten. What in the world happened? I NEED to get still and read God’s Word and talk to him more than the “help Lord” prayers of this morning so far. And once again I hear His still, small voice whispering to my heart as I purpose to sing and worship Him, Jesus, my Lord of Lords and King of Kings:

Daughter of mine, I receive your worship and your song. In continuing on like this you’ll find liberty, peace, healing and, even more intimately, my love. 

Come rest in my arms, be at peace with me. Come away my beloved. I have grieved your absence but now rejoice. 

Step out in my name, I shall remove your fear and prepare your footpaths. I do LOVE you. I hug you to me. Lift up your song again soon. Selah.

His Word teaches is so many good things to encourage us in our walk with Him. In Isaiah 42:6-7 the writer tells of the Lord saying that He has called us in righteousness, He will hold our hand and keep us. It goes on speaking about some of the things Jesus would do, and we as His followers would then be equipped to do also. Things like bringing light to the gentiles, opening blind eyes, bringing our prisoners from prison, those who sit in darkness in the prison house.

Are you doing that in His name? He will enable you to do this on a daily basis. We can bring light each and every place we go, to that waitress in the restaurant, to the clerk at Wal-Mart, to the young man in the drive through. We are called to be light and salt and with our Lord shining through us, how can we go wrong? Ours is to yield and “to be ready to give an answer for the hope that is in us with gentleness, meekness.

In Deuteronomy 33:27 we are encouraged to remember that the eternal God is our refuge and underneath are the everlasting arms. He will thrust out the enemy from before you and will say destroy. What better champion could we possible have on our side?

Does that do anything to straighten your priorities for today? It does for me! I am going, right now, to my quiet place to take time to make time to worship and talk to and LISTEN to my Lord Jesus Christ. There is no higher choice I can make right now.

Prayer: Father in heaven, how incredible is your power and love on our behalf. Help us to but ASK. You say we have not because we ask not. Teach us to ask correctly from you. Help us to go forth in Your name to our Judea, Samaria and Jerusalem if not the uttermost parts of Your world. Thank You over and again for Your Word and promises for us, Your Bride! AMEN