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Top Ten Sexiest Women on Television

The trouble with writing any article that focuses on a subjective answer is that it can only be accurate for its writer. Objectively, it is very unlikely to provide a conclusive list of the “sexiest” women on television because – like beauty – the definition of sexy also leaves it something only seen through the eye of the beholder.

Sexy can mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people. What can be found as sexy is that undefined ‘look’ in someone’s eyes, the one that speaks far more than any words can do. Intelligence and charm are winning traits, as is sarcasm and a slight trace of arrogance. In terms of physical appearance, anything goes.

Having the confidence to take what you have and pull it off is enough to make anyone sexy. The benefit that the world’s media has on television means that there are stereotypical and majority-accepted ‘types’ that can be found in the current prime-time shows, so it stands to reason that it’s where most of the options for this countdown will be found.

10. Stana Katic – Kate Beckett (“Castle”)

She is fluent in a number of languages and can also do various accents. Enjoying a number of sports & hobbies, including flamenco dancing and designing clothes, she contributed with small roles for a number of recognised shows, including “Alias”, “24” and “E.R.” before she was announced to have taken the lead in “Castle”.

9. Eva Longoria Parker – Gabrielle Solis (“Desperate Housewives”)

The current face of L’Oreal, Eva achieved critical acclaim and internation stardom after landing the role of seductress Gaby in “Desperate Housewives”. With a background of small roles in “Beverley Hills 90210”, “General Hospital”, “The Young and the Restless” and “L.A. Dragnet”, she’d already made the background in acting before her big break came along. She has been listed on a number of hot/sexy lists by Maxim, FHM and E!, including reaching #1 of Maxim’s ‘Hot 100 of 2005’ and maintaining this position in 2006; the only woman to have done so.

8. Chyler Leigh – Lexie Grey (“Grey’s Antomy”)

Full of book smarts yet naive and sensitive, it’s easy to invoke sympathy for the character of Lexie. With a charming smile, it is easy to see how Lexie surrounds herself with the guys and off screen Chyler is pleasant and attractive. With a successful career already behind her, Chyler is likely to continue to grace television screens across the world with her presence.

7. Daniela Ruah – Kensi Blye (“NCIS: Los Angeles”)

Born and raised in the USA until she was five, Daniela’s family moved to Portugal and it was there that she attended school, achieving her first acting role while still in high school. Completing her initial studies, she moved to London, England, aged eighteen to study performing arts before returning to Portugal to work. Eventually, she moved on to New York and gained international recognition for her role as Kensi.

6. Sara Ramirez – Calliope “Callie” Torres (“Grey’s Antomy”)

Of a slightly larger size than others on Grey’s and other shows, it’s redeeming to see a realistic yet beautiful women in a starring role with the confidence to pull of any scene they put her way. Despite the controversy of her character’s storylines, Sara has handled the criticism well and continues to shine.

5. Courteney Cox – Jules Cobb (“Cougar Town”)

Courteney has an intense way of lighting up the screen and stealing the scene, even when she only has a minor part to play. An absolute delight to watch, Courteney is the very epitome of the ‘woman next door’ who makes casual and effortless work so brilliantly. Coming from a decade in the hit comedy “Friends”, she has excelled in the role of Jules.

4. Cote de Pablo – Ziva David (“NCIS”)

Her energy and grace while acting in the role of Ziva David demonstrates the versatility she has. Known by fans as ‘Zivaisms’, the mistakes in translating she makes prove to offer some much needed humour at times and support the fact that she would make a good comedy actress. Able to play sultry and strong, she is an incredible actress.

3. Tiffani Thiessen – Elizabeth Burke (“White Collar”)

Achieving rankings in lists for the greatest teen stars and the sexiest women, she started her career in modelling aged eight. After this, she achieved internation fame and recognition in “Saved by the Bell” and “Beverley Hills 90210”. In her present role as Elizabeth Burke on “White Collar”, she broke the record for network audition casting history by taking no more than three hours to be cast.

2. Dichen Lachman – Sierra / Priya Tsetsang (“Dollhouse”)

Of Australian and Tibetan descent, Dichen is exotic in her looks as well as graceful. A skilled actress, she has appeared in movies and featured in the long-running soap “Neighbours” and took a starring role in Joss Whedon’s “Dollhouse”. After also turning her hand to producing, Dichen has demonstrated she is just as talented as she is beautiful and her success deserves to continue.

1. Olivia Wilde – Remy “Thirteen” Hadley (“House M.D.”)

From “The O.C.” to “The Black Donnellys”, Olivia is now starring in “House M.D.”, where she plays Dr. Remy Hadley, aka Thirteen. She has featured on a number of ‘Top 100’ ratings by Maxim (#61 in 2006 and #97 in 2008) and FHM (#96 in 2006). In 2009, she was ranked #1 of Maxim’s ‘Hot 100’ list and who are we to argue with a rating like that? To top it all off, she has been married to an Italian prince since March 2003, which is also something to respect given the amount of celebrity marriages which fail within the first two years.