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Top five self help Books of all Time

In terms of the number of copies sold since publication, these are  the top selling self-help books in no particular order—Think and Grow Rich, Acres of Diamond, the Secret, the Bible, and Rich Dad, Poor Dad.

Irrespective of what current bestselling self-help lists say, these books have sold millions upon millions of copies and are still being heavily patronized.

1. The Bible

It isn’t a self-help material? Think again. The Holy Bible is not just a spiritual guide for believers in Christ, but a world spanning thesis on living a refined life—a life devoid of sin, filled with compassion for others, and being part of a community of earthlings with common problems and common hopes and common solutions.

It is, according to informed estimates, the highest selling self-help material of all times and generations,

2. Acres of Diamond

The exceptional tale of a man who sold his land to go in search of the proverbial pot of diamonds, and then dies from starvation was and still is a top selling classic.

Rusell Conwell’s miniature masterpiece even comes with a moral—the man our hero sells the land to later finds diamonds in the bosom of the property he bought—you can make it wherever you are. Put another way, “you can bloom where God planted you;” to quote and paraphrase Mother Theresa.

3. The Secret

Not the 2006 movie-styled-documentary, but the book that it inspired. Written by Rhonda Byrne, the Secret is a top selling book that specifically talks about the Law of Attraction, and how people can use it to realize their dreams and potentials in life. It was one of the top selling books of 2006, and is still being patronized.

4. Think and Grow Rich

Napoleon Hill’s masterpiece is an all time bestseller, which is still recommended by almost all motivational speakers and personal development experts, and it still selling big.

Hill’s book is one of the earliest publications on and about the Law of Attraction, but with a slant that makes it still appealing to modern audiences.

5. Rich Dad, Poor Dad

Once a New York Times bestseller, Robert Kiyosaki’s  1997 “financial textbook” is still popular among countless self-help readers.

To conclude, it need be stated that while there are numerous top selling self-help materials that are also heavily and continually being bought, the five above are the best among them.