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Top 90s Cartoon Theme Songs

There is something very comforting and almost exciting about the theme song to a good cartoon. It can take you from the dreary reality of day to day life and whisk you back to when you were a child and you lived for your favourite programmes.

The 90s produced what are now considered some of the world’s best cartoons and it was by far the best decade for the cartoon theme song.

10. Taz-Mania.

This raspberry blowing bad boy had one of the catchiest songs of the 90’s. With a description of all of the characters in the title you felt familiar with the show from the start.

9. Where on Earth is Carmen San Diego?

One of the most vocally impressive themes from the 90’s this show was centred around a team’s efforts to catch international thief and former detective Carmen San Diego. The theme was based on “singt dem grossen bassa lieder” from Mozart’s “Die entfuhrung aus dem serail” A new beat and lyrics were added with the use of a gospel choir.

8. The X-men.

One of the most popular themes of the 90’s. The original theme was written by composer Ron Wasserman (also famous for composing the original mighty morphin power rangers theme) this as used for four series and as replaced at the beginning of series five.

7. The super Mario Bros. Super show.

The plumbing duo were firm favourites of the 90’s and they remain so today with one of the most memorable themes of all time. The plumbers added their own unique style to the song with a rap.

6. Johnny Bravo.

This buffed up self-proclaimed love god may not have had much luck with the ladies, but he had an incredibly catchy theme song in which he instructs everyone to “do the monkey with me”

5. Cow and chicken.

Nobody could have predicted that a show about a shy, bashful cow and a loud mouth chicken that both have parents that just appear to be legs would be so spectacularly popular. It was an incredibly popular show in the 90’s and its theme song has now become almost iconic.

4. The Simpsons.

No list of cartoons that were shown throughout the 90’s would be complete without a look at the Simpsons. It has become without a doubt one of the most easily recognizable tunes in the world.

3. Pokémon.

There is a lot of debate about which of the Pokémon series is the best but there is no debate about the original theme tune being the most popular.

2. Power puff girls.

This trio of wide eyed youngsters quickly became popular. They were quite unique for heroes because they were all only six years old and they were all girls. The theme has become incredibly popular.

1. Pinky and the brain.

A show about two mice, one of whom according to the theme song is a genius and the other is insane quickly became a sensation. The comedic theme achieved iconic status and cemented the show’s popularity.