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Top 10 Worst Actresses of all Time

There are many actresses that could fit into the worst actresses list. There are some that stick out in my mind more than others. The chosen worst actresses in my opinion are:

1) Britney Spears: My number one pick for the worst actress is Britney Spears, which was horrible in “Crossroads” and just should stick to singing. She couldn’t act if her life depended on it.

2) Paris Hilton: Number two on the horrible actress list is Paris Hilton. Paris is absolutely a horrible actor. I felt like ripping out my hair watching her in “The Hottie and the Nottie”. She doesn’t change expressions. All she can do is turn her head side to side and try to look cute.

3) Jessica Simpson: Number three belongs to Jessica Simpson. Simpson is a horrible actress. She is definitely up there topping the worst actresses of all time. She should stick to singing and trying to figure out what is in Chicken of the Sea.

4) Denise Richards: Denise Richards is horrible at acting. She deserves number four on the list of horrible actresses. She did an interesting scene in “Wild Things” but should stick to just B type movies like that and do nothing else. She was horrible in “Blond and Blonder”. That brings me to another horrible actress.

5) Pamela Anderson: Pamela is number five on the list of horrible actresses. Pamela Anderson is one of the people that should stick to nude magazine shoots and sex videos with the exes. She doesn’t know how to show any emotion.

6)Neve Campbell: Number six on the worst actresses list is Neve Campbell. She has the same voice and the same expression no matter what she is feeling in her movies. She was okay in the horror movies. It is good she didn’t have to show much talent because she doesn’t have any.

7)Drew Barrymore: Number seven worst actress in my opinion is Drew Barrymore. She doesn’t have a lot of talent. She’s cute and she’s funny at times, but she doesn’t know how to show emotion.

8)Nicole Kidman: Number eight belongs to Nicole Kidman. She doesn’t know how to act at all. She just has the same old facial expressions and the same old voice fluctuations. It is old.

9) Madonna: Number nine worst actress of all time, in my opinion is Madonna. Every single movie that she has tried to act in has flopped. She is talentless. She should stick to singing for sure.

10) Jennifer Love Hewitt: Number ten belongs to Jennifer Love Hewitt. Yes, she’s pretty and can scream well, but as far as doing any movies or shows that are worth while, she stinks.