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Top 10 Science Fiction TV Characters

Meet the top 10 male TV characters that make up the mythological men of science fiction. The top 10 mythological men of science fiction represent powerful figures in the mythology of their programs.

10. G’Kar and Londo Mollari

Tied at Number 10 are two Ambassadors to Babylon 5. G’Kar represents the Narn while Londo represents the Centauri. These two races are at odds after centuries of strife including the Narn enslavement and bitter anger towards their Centauri oppressors. The writing on Babylon 5 explored the transitory nature of their relationship. The two characters share the number 10 spot because they are irrevocably intertwined.

In episode Dust to Dust, G’Kar takes a mind-altering substance called dust that allows him to telepathically rape Londo’s mind. During this experience, G’Kar learns Londo’s deepest secrets and realizes even greater revelations about himself. When the Vorlon Ambassador intervenes, G’Kar sees his father and comes to a turning point in his life as he lets go of all his hate and bitterness. G’Kar will write the book of G’Kar, help shape future alliances, preserve the memories of his people and die a hero’s death to save Londo.

9. Commander Jeffrey Sinclair

From Babylon 5 comes another mythological man of science fiction. Commander Jeffrey Sinclair is appointed commander of the Babylon 5 station at the request of the mysterious Minbari Grey Council. Commander Sinclair underwent many strange encounters during his tenure as Commander of the Babylon station, including rescuing the crew of Babylon 4 which went missing nearly a decade before. Recalled to Earth abruptly at the end of the first season, Sinclair eventually served as Earth’s Ambassador to Minbar and leader to the newly reformed Rangers.

In a particularly gripping pair of episodes in Season 3, however, Commander Sinclair’s mythological roots were established as viewers learned that he was the reason that the Minbari surrendered during the Earth-Minbari War. The Grey Council believed that Sinclair contained the soul of a reborn Minbari. But in the War Without End Sinclair became The One Who Was as he fulfilled a prophecy and took the Babylon 4 station back in time over one thousand years. Using a device given to him by Delenn, he became a Minbari not born of Minbari and the greatest figure to lead the Minbari people: Valen.

8. Captain Benjamin Sisko

Originally a Commander when assigned to Deep Space Nine, Captain Sisko arrived with his own history and baggage. His wife died during the war with the Borg that saw Captain Picard turned into Locutus. Sisko, now a single father, felt at odds with his Starfleet service and lost without his wife. In the pilot, Sisko is identified as the Emissary, a mythological figure to the Bajoran people, who like the Narn are recovering from decades of enslavement at the hands of Cardassian. The religious and mythological tales of the Emissary affected Sisko throughout the series.

7. John Crichton

Astronaut John Crichton tested his wormhole theory and ended up light years away from anything and everything he’s ever known. Crichton’s relationship with the Moya’s crew, his enmity with Crais and his hatred of Scorpius focus on his knowledge of wormholes. Crichton’s mythological man status is the subtlest of the other men on this list, but it is Crichton’s strength of character (so strong that when he splits into two he maintains that strength) and his trials (Scorpius’ chip in his head) that make him an integral part of Farscape’s mythology.

6. Captain John Sheridan

Captain John Sheridan arrived aboard Babylon 5 at the beginning of Season 2 and replaced departing Commander Jeffrey Sinclair. Like his predecessor, Sheridan’s reputation was made during the Earth-Minbari War. Sheridan’s ship the Agamemnon is the only Earth vessel to have destroyed a Minbari war cruiser. Sheridan’s greater role in the mythology of the show would become apparent over the next several years as he organized warring worlds to stand against the Shadows, seceded from the Earth alliance, died and was reborn on Zha’hadum and later survived torture to lead the Earth civil war that freed the Earth Alliance from tyranny.

Sheridan’s mythological place in the Babylon 5 universe is firmly established when he becomes the first President of the Interstellar Alliance, leads the Rangers and marries Delenn. Even his death’ at the end of the series is told as an Arthurian allegory as he flies off beyond the rim aboard his White Star, never to be seen again.

5. Chief Galen Tyrol

Master Chief Galen Tyrol is a blue collar mechanics chief serving aboard the soon-to-be-retired Battlestar Galactica when the Cylon attack begins. Throughout the series, Galen Tyrol is the voice of the every man. He is not an officer nor is he a wealthy man. His relationship with Sharon Boomer’ Valerii is against the regulations and it nearly destroys him when he finds out she is a Cylon. Yet when Sharon “Athena” Agathon comes aboard the Galactica, he helps that Sharon’s lover Helo save her from being raped by an officer aboard the Pegasus. His own feelings aside, Galen tries to do the right thing.

During his time on New Caprica, the Chief helps lead the human resistance and later serves with others on a Star Chamber like jury that convicts human collaborators. On the Algae planet, it is Galen’s understanding of the religion of the five as imparted to him by his parents that allows him to interpret the clues in the Temple of Hopes before the star going super nova consumes the planet. When Galen, like Tigh, Anders and Tory hears a familiar song, he is activated and Master Chief Galen Tyrol is reactivated (reborn) as a Cylon. He and the others are the final five Cylons and their origins and history are deeply tied to that of the 13th tribe, the journey to Earth and the future of the human and Cylon races.

4. The Doctor

The Doctor, in every incarnation, is most assuredly a great mythological man of science fiction. He ranks number 4 on this list. From his ability to regenerate to his relationships with his companions, The Doctor is a chaotic neutral force that can affect the past, the present and the future. The Doctor’s involvement is remarked upon and treated as a combination of devilish interference and divine intervention. To the Daleks he is the destroyer and to his own people he is a renegade and on Earth, he is treated with a combination of affection and abhorrence. The Doctor is also called The Lonely God because he inevitably walks alone.

3. Lex Luthor

Lex Luthor as portrayed on the series Smallville is rather different from the other incarnation of Lex Luthor over the decades. On Smallville, Lex is Sageeth to Clark’s Naman. Paintings inside the Kawatche Caves in Smallville detail a mythological battle between good and evil as represented by a hero from another world (Naman) and his greatest enemy (Sageeth).

In the series, Lex and Clark become friends when the twenty something rich boy arrived in the town. Lex is a figure of tragedy, desperate for his father’s love and mourning the loss of his mother. He also witnessed his mother smother his infant brother years before. In the comics, Lex is Superman’s greatest enemy because Lex represents the deeply flawed every man to Clark’s Superman. On Smallville, Lex is even more human and his friendship with Clark is genuine as is the slow, but his insidious descent into villainy is ingrained into the show’s mythology.

2. Gaius Baltar

Who is Gaius Baltar? Is he the narcissist scientist who inadvertently helped the Cylons destroy the colonies? Is he the flawed, but disturbed genius? Is he the fallen leader of the humans who surrendered to the Cylons to save what remained of humanity? Is he the prophet of the One God, leading the beleaguered and tired humans of the fleet? Is he a mad man persuaded by the power of his own delusions? The answer to all of these questions is yes. Gaius Baltar is all of these things. He is a deeply flawed man with an innate sense of survival. He is at times equal parts pawn and pariah, problem and problem-solver, patron and priest.

1. Daniel Jackson

Doctor Daniel Jackson is deeply entrenched in the Stargate mythology. He is the man who interpreted the symbols and opened the Stargate for his world. He and Jack O’Neill destroyed the Goa’uld Ra and later, he rejoined the Stargate command when his wife was taken from him by the Goa’uld. Throughout the series, it is Daniel Jackson’s gift for diplomacy, language and respect of the past that firmed his place as the number one mythological man of science fiction. His need for hope, his faith in the people of the universe and his unfailing commitment to give it his all led to his willing sacrifice to save a people from itself in the episode Meridian.

Oma Desala, an ascended being, comes to offer Daniel ascension rather than death as his body is decaying from radiation poisoning. He chooses to go with her and to learn more about the nature of the universe. Despite his ascension, Daniel cannot abandon his people on Earth or his friends. When he goes up against Anubis to protect the planet of Abydos, he is cast down by Oma and returned to human form without his memories. His rebirth brings Daniel home to the team, but this Daniel is a stronger, more confident Daniel than prior to his ascension. Daniel’s intimate knowledge of the Ancients, his connection to the ascended helps him for a relationship with Morgan and later with Merlin as he searches for and finally defeats the Ori.