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Tips for Watching TV Online how to Watch TV Online

Watching television online has been a huge change in the way we live our lives, and the way people use the internet. In the past the internet was used only for sending emails, reading about news, and maybe buying something off Amazon. Today, we can use the internet to do almost anything, even watch shows that were meant for television.

There are thousands, maybe even millions of websites that allow you to watch television shows and movies online, right from your computer for no charge. These sites don’t require you to download the movie, or to download any software, so it’s fairly safe for your computer. Be sure to be careful not to download anything from these sites, and if they require you to download something, use a different site. There are some scam sites that pose as television and movie websites, but in reality are just a way to get people to download spyware and viruses onto their computer. Many of you may wonder, how do these websites allow users to watch television and movies for no cost? You may also be wondering how it is legal. Well it is legal for you to stream video from these websites; it is not legal to download the actual files and torrents of movies and televisions shows, assuming that they’re copyrighted. If you are unsure if something is copyrighted, every mainstream television show and movie will be copyrighted, so be sure that you are not violating a copyright law. As long as you only watch the video online through streaming it from the website, you will not get in trouble with the law. The websites only remain legal because technically they are not hosting the videos; they are only hosting links to where the videos can be found. Many of the copyrighted materials being hosted are hosted on a website called Megavideo, which is in a foreign country making it harder for television and movie companies to shut these websites down. The actual website hosting the video makes money through both donations, and through advertisements it places on the site. Many of the site owners have made large sums of money through having advertisements on their high traffic sites, despite the fact they put themselves at risk.

The main problem that has just recently begun is since many of the videos are hosted on a site called Megavideo, Megavideo has decided to put a time limit on the amount of video you can watch from them in one day. If you watch more than say 70 minutes or so of video in a row, you must wait about an hour before you can continue watching. There are some ways to get around this, which can be found in a simple Google search, but I cannot say I would necessarily recommend them or guarantee that they work. The only legitimate way to get around this time limit, is to pay for a Megavideo account, or to just limit how much you watch on Megavideo, by using other links to the videos.

Some of my favorite sites to watch television and movies on online are www.watchtvsitcoms.com (hit cancel when it asks you to install zango, that is just an advertisement), www.tvduck.com , www.watch-movies-links.net , www.surfthechannel.com , www.hulu.com.

I don’t think online television will be going anywhere anytime soon, as even television channels themselves are starting to publish full episodes online for free from their website. I believe it helps give people a chance to start the show from the beginning, and therefore give it a chance. That in the long run helps develop new fans of the show, which may be why some television networks are not really cracking down on these sites. Hope this article helped you, and I hope you enjoy watching your television online.