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Tiki Barber Deserves the Ridicule that Tiger Woods Received

There was always something about Tiki Barber that made him seem untrustworthy. He played it off like he was a great guy who was perfect, but it was evident that he was hiding something.

Barber would blast teammates and coaches and get a free pass from the media and the public. If he did get questioned, he would turn it around so that he always came out as the good guy.

The athletes you always have to watch out for are the ones who act like they are perfect. With certain guys you know they have faults and they don’t try to hide it. They are self-deprecating. You can believe them and even support them through tough times.

However, there are athletes like Barber who really are not good people, but they try to portray themselves in a very good light. In other words, they are trying to hide something.

Michael Jordan was similar in this way. He tried to act like the golden boy, but he had a lot of demons to hide. Barber also gave off that vibe.

Barber would have sudden outbursts and then try to cover them up. This happened with Michael Strahan and also his own coach, Tom Coughlin. He was wrong in both cases but instead of admitting guilt and learning from his mistakes, he played it off like he was the great guy.

This scandal proved that he was not as great as he portrayed. It was good to have this scandal bring Barber down a few notches. The media wouldn’t have attacked his character any other way. They needed an example handed right to them. Otherwise, they still would have taken his side. This act by Barber was indefensible: not just the cheating part, but the way he did it. More than that, what was wrong was how he always said he was a great guy. He went out of his way to get that point across and it simply wasn’t true.

People blast Tiger Woods so much for what he did. Shouldn’t Barber get the same ridicule? Barber should even receive more since he outwardly displayed how great he was. Woods was given that distinction by the public. He didn’t try to enhance it as he was very quiet. Barber was loud and demanded that he got good publicity. Why would a guy like Barber seek it? Obviously, he had something to hide.