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Thoughts on God on Spiritual Beauty and the Existence of God

Spirituality is an inner quality of beauty.  It is a light that enhances with each and every experience that our life can throw at us.  Every time we choose through our own free will to approach life and its many events with some manner of ethics, sincerity, honesty and trust we are using all those qualities as a part of our own spirituality.

Life just is not a dress rehearsal.  It is the real deal.  In dealing with all our situations as they arise, in the qualities of the soul we are growing and enhancing that light that is our spirituality.

We are lliving this material life to seek out happiness.  It is important to give love and take love.  In this natural exchange of love we find the light of spirituality enhancing our steps at growth of the soul and spirit. 

No matter how many candles are lit from one, there is no diminishing of the flame of the source.  God is like that.  When we light our spirituality with the plan that God set in motion for our spirituality, nothing in God or ourselves diminishes.  It is capable of enhancing not only ourselves but also being a beacon for others to follow in their struggles.

God does not micro manage.  God is proud and pleased with creation, so much so that creation continues to be a part of our existence throughout our lifetime.  God creates through the plan of consciousness.  All things stem from consciousness.  That which God can create in thought becomes a creation in material existence.  This leaves the spirituality to light up with dreams and accomplishment.

In the handling of our challenges and opportunities is the potential to deal with all things in spirituality.  A material focus will just not light up the soul or inner quality of spirituality.

We have always heard that it is important to turn to the light when our spirit has left the body on death of the material energies.  The light is a spiritual quality. This quality is available within our material existence as well as the recognition that the light is the spirit force within us all.

Our life is about finding spiritual solutions to enhance this quality of light.  And yet, there is a material vibration in and through which all our lives are enhanced.