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The Word of God the Gospel the Good News Love the Bible Writing – No

This question is a disgrace. There is one thing that was before time began, Jesus was with his Father God. They were one. In John he is described as the Word and in eternity past he was with God in the beginning. It also says that the word became flesh and dwelt among us. Jesus is the word. And God sent a living messag through his life to weak broken and deceived humanity. When he returned to the Father he sent the Spirit to lead us into all truth. He sent the Spirit to literally show us Jesus and the Father, and reveal him continually again and again, over and over things we have yet to see. And Jesus purchased our ability to be in relationship with God, and made the closest most intimate holy place with him readily accesible to us, and his spirit in us continues to make that possible. He is the living God who doesn’t change. He spoke then and he speaks now. But also his spirit carried along several writers through history to chronicle the message of Jesus. God was faithful to communicate what he wanted through their surrender, and he was faithful to preserve his word. It’s not that it is perfect. There is human error in scribing and translation, but God is bigger than that. He remains the same, and we must know him. We can know him. So we can ask the Spirit to come reveal Jesus to us, what he is like, and the scriptures are our guide because God laid a foundation of communicating the initial responses of those who recieved and rejected the message. There is also found in the scripture the books of the law and the prophets that were all part of God’s plan to reveal himself to humans. Jesus fulfilled the law and the prophets leading us into a new way. The law showed our incapability and God’s righteousness. Our failings and God’s perfection. The prophets revealed the cycle of disobedience, returning, and redemption and revealed the pain in God’s heart over a people he loves who are seperated from Him. The prophets spoke of God’s ultimate redemption plan: Jesus. And the law spoke to us of our need for redemption. Jesus came and fulfilled the law and the prophets, removing all seperation and empowering us to come to him and be loved, redeemed, healed, delivered, and changed. The word was given to us so that we could gain a clear picture of what God’s plan is and interact with God about it. It was given so we would know that He has made provision for us, he hasn’t given up on us, He loves us so intensely, and we are never alone. He placed a strong foundation through revealing himself to the world and men who were once of low repute who were changed by the power of God became men who explored and recorded the foundation that Christ had laid, as they were led to do so by the Spirit. It was a messy process of that I’m certain. Some people want perfection and to know they can trust every word. I’d have to say that the Bible is faithful to what God wanted to say as it gets, that if you throw it out you will be deceived. The holy spirit in you revealing the Word, and careful prayerful study of the written word are the most needed beginning of all. You must hear the word and the spirit must reveal it to you. Your heart will come alive when you truly see it’s message and come in contact with the reality of the living God. As you read his letter of love to your heart and realize that you are the bride he is wooing and that you were the joy set before him for which he endured the cross, you will realize you can’t believe what it says and live like it isn’t true. You will become a student of the word. And the spirit will begin work in you small subtle changes. A hunger for more of God and who he is will consume you and you won’t relent. You will become a passionate persuant of his word and the revelation of his presence and his power will transform you into someone completely different. Your spirit man groans even now to be revealed. Creation is longing and groaning that you would be revealed. And the word is a gift to us so we aren’t just floundering in our own understandings, but we have something concrete in front of us and as we read that his thoughts are higher and his wisdom is so much better and his leadership is perfect, then we will slowly surrender and come to trust him, letting him change our minds. He is transforming us into the likeness of his son. You can not have a solid foundation without the word. The spirit and the word are volatile like a match and gasoline and if you allow yourself to know the living God and seek to find him again and again and again you will find him and your heart will experience the fiery love in his heart. Some things most people don’t realize is that he is real. He is more powerful than you know. He is a jealous lover who is after your heart. He has reached far to draw you to himself. He won’t quit chasing you. He is madly in love with you and so you’d better deal with that soon, because the time of judgement is coming and to those who are not his surrendered bride growing and moving in love, and coming to know his heart, that is a scary thing. It’s not enough to just have prayed a prayer, you must know him and walk with him, and come to rely on him more and more. The greatest enemy you have who is less than Jesus by far is trying to distract you and passify you and to deceive you but God knows you and he still loves you so much. So don’t neglect time in the word, let your heart burn at the revelation of who God is and what he thinks and feels about you. Turn to him with all your heart. Seek him while he may be found. Time is running out. This is the good news of the gospel. We who were far away in sin have been made righteous and are being made righteous and brought near by a friend who is closer than a brother. He is our bridegroom. You may say you don’t know me or where I’ve been, but I would respond that he does and he longs for you to surrender to his love and rest in him still.
His word will never pass away so we should not even consider throwing it out.