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The Ultimate Revenge keep Living well

The Ultimate Revenge: Keep Living Well

Keep living well is the perfect solution for you and others, when times are really rough. If it appears that the world is doing you in, or perhaps someone is giving you a really difficult time for whatever reason, the ultimate revenge is to keep living well.

But what actually constitutes living well? Have you ever actually sat down and made a list of what you think living well means to you? What about to your family?

In no specific order, consider some of these options.

1. a roof over your head
2. food for the day
3. clean drinking water
4. a bed to sleep in
5. family
6. friends
7. health
8. happiness
9. needs that are met
10. love
11. leisure time
12. a job

Now eliminate half of them. The ones you choose to eliminate are your choice, no one else’s. Now, how does it feel to have to part with six of those options?

Can you state that you are still living well? Maybe you can, but maybe you are not living well at this point, according to your point of view. It really depends upon you and how you define living well. What constitutes living well to one person, may not be considered to be living well for another.

Consider all of the options. You have the choice of living well or not living well. Reality has it that we do make choices in our lives, some good and some not good.

Does living well mean not being ill? To some people, yes, it will mean exactly that.

Does it mean having a job? To some it will, but to others not having a job, being financially independent or self employed, is a much better way of living well.

Does living well mean having just the bare basics of life, or does it include luxuries?

Note that not one of those options is actually money. To you, does living well entail money?

Seriously examine your life and see what you really think constitutes living well. Those are the most important things in your life, your priorities. Ask yourself what you (and your family) are willing to sacrifice in order to maintain those priorities. At some point in time, you may have to do that. Hopefully that does not happen.

We can live well even without a lot of extras. It just takes a bit more ingenuity. To keep living well can be a challenge, but it is still possible.

Always remember one thing. No matter what is happening in your life, treat yourself well. In other words, be good to yourself (and to others)!

Just because someone else is giving you a rough time, or hurting you in some way, does not mean that you should hurt yourself more, or harm anyone else.

Take care of yourself. Seek daily guidance from God and enjoy every moment of your life. Keep living life well! Teach others to do the same and you will be glad that you did. This is the ultimate revenge and the perfect solution for you and others!