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The Top 5 Seinfeld Episodes

There is no question about it the “comedy about nothing” really was something. In fact, it was more than just something. It was one of the funniest comedies to ever grace our television screens, so it’s hard to imagine that there is now a generation of youngsters out there that have probably never even seen an episode of this fine television show, “Seinfeld.”

So if you have never seen an episode of “Seinfeld,” what are the best ones to start with? Here are five episodes that are absolute classics.

Season 9, Episode 20: “The Puerto Rican Day” – A brilliant episode that provides two of the funniest moments in the show’s history. New York comes to a standstill because of the Puerto Rican Day Parade and soon Jerry (Jerry Seinfeld), Kramer (Michael Richards), Elaine (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) and George (Jason Alexander) find themselves trapped by a new nemesis, the maroon Golf. Soon George is getting hysterical as he chased by a man with a laser pointer and Kramer gets into all kinds of trouble when he accidentally sets fire to a Puerto Rican flag and decides to stamp it out.

Season 3, Episode 7: “The Cafe” – This is an episode that gave birth to one of the funniest “Seinfeld” characters ever – a man named Babu Bhatt (Brian George) who delivered the catch cry “You’re a very, very bad man.” Jerry first meets Babu when he decides to try out a new restaurant in town that has a “little bit of everything,” but after a discussion with Babu Jerry suggests that perhaps the restaurant would do better if Babu featured food from his own country – Pakistan. The end result is Babu losing money and facing being deported. Yes indeed Jerry was “a very, very bad man.”

Season 3, Episode 6: “The Parking Garage” – If you ever needed proof that the writers of “Seinfeld” could get humor even out of the most mundane everyday thing, then the episode titled “The Parking Garage” proved it without a doubt. The simple story had the whole crew travel to a shopping center to help Kramer buy an air conditioner. But soon they find themselves stuck as none of them can remember where Jerry parked the car. Soon Elaine is facing the prospect that her goldfish is “not going to make it,” and Jerry and George find themselves being “arrested” by security guards for urinating in the parking garage. It seems simple, but the episode really is a laugh-a-minute.

Season 4, Episode 20: “The Junior Mint” – Another classic. As if Jerry trying to guess the name of his girlfriend after he forgets her name but is told that it rhymes with a female body part isn’t funny enough, then the sight of Kramer and Jerry getting out a packet of Junior Mints while they watch a person being operated on will certainly have you in stitches. Especially when they drop a mint and watch horrified as it falls inside the patient, and nobody notices it. Part of the fun of the episode is trying to pick Jerry’s girlfriend’s name, especially when he discovers that her name isn’t “Mulva.”

Season 7, Episode 6: “The Soup Nazi” – Perhaps just edging out The Bubble Boy as one of the most memorable characters to ever appear in “Seinfeld” is the legendary Soup Nazi (Larry Thomas). There are so many stories in this episode that will have you laughing out loud. First of all, there is the legendary “schmoopie” comment, then there is Kramer being roughed up by some “street toughs” and then of course there is the Soup Nazi yelling, “No soup for you” to the protests of George and Elaine.

“Seinfeld” is the kind of show that you can really sit down and watch all the way through without really ever finding a weak episode. There are many classic episodes that fans of the show have fallen in love with over the years, but the five above mentioned episodes are great ones to begin with.