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The Simpsons Losing the Battle for Television Popularity

The simpsons was known to be one of the best programs in the 90’s but has it lost its touch in todays society of couch potatoes?
With so many programs battling for the publics attention in this television craved world ther are a extremely alarming views on whether the simpsons can cut it in the cut throat business of television. There are many factor to consider-
1. The Simpsons was one of the greastest hits in 1989 whe it first hit our screens and shocked the nation with its satire and unique opinion on American and world issues but in the current year of 2008 its opinions have failed to catch peoples attention with its repetitve ways.
2. The Simpsons was known for its jokes aswell when it started with the show taking no prisoners when it came to politicians or even the president but with its seasons running long and its boring characters returning the jokes have run dry and the writers have failed to show us anything new.
3. The Simpsons was known as the supposed image of the american family and the bonds between the main characters and the sub-line characters was known to be associated with the people who watched the show but now we are faced with unrealistic fantasies and bougus claims.

As you can see their are many views of The Simpsons, has it had it heyday? Should they give the show up?
Then we come to The Simpsons movie which did not make a huge hit in the movie world but still was able to make its own personal success due to its zombie-like fans, the movie was criticised by many parents who thought that the movie was not suitable for there children due to its adult humour and shoddy storyline. Many critics have agreed due to the fact that there are gay acts and humour and also the fact that the cinema or dvd viewers got a a very disturbing look at Bart Simpssons male parts. This scene caused national an uproar with critics and parents alike.

We then come to the character Homer Simpson, with his many jobs and ape stupidity being hardly the american dad, in todays world a man of America would stick with one job so that he could give his family a stable financial plan and not what Homer Simpson does, creating his money with thunderbolt ideas quickly struck down before the family has had a chance to benefit. In my view i woild suggest that The Simpsons packs its bags and cuts its losses as i can’t see it reaching far into the future with its lengthy and boring episodes.

Do the characters actually belong in our society?
The answer to that question is no and the reason behind that opinion is the fact that they mock the war on Iraq in many episodes and with the America’s strong fight against terrorism you must ask yourself is Matt Groening taking the world and telling it to get itself updated.

The Simpsons have had their run so move over and let a new programme fill our eyes.