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The Secret of Happiness

Happiness. The one thing everybody regardless of race, religion and level of wealth seems to be striving for – but only the few achieve. It is easy to envy people who seem to have been dealt a better hand in life, however you can almost certainly guarantee that those seemingly fortunate people envy others who they perceive to be having a better time. The people who are being envied are in turn jealous of other lives The cycle is endless. There is one person who can bring the joy you are looking for. That person is reading this article right now. You!

Stop for a moment and think about the people you may have spoken to in the last 24 hours, the newspapers you have read, the television programmes you have watched. Think also about the people you are close to, the recent conversations you have had and the opinions they have on day-to-day life.

You may be able to recall events that have made you laugh and feel inspired. You will also remember a lot of negativity. People making unkind comments regarding others, being critical regarding the cost of living and stating how much they hate work and how things would be so much better if only they were in control. Think how much you have been influenced by these people over the previous day and how their views have affected your mood and cluttered your mind.

Now think how good it would feel if you could banish those negative thoughts and only be left with your views and emotions. Imagine how good it would feel to be totally free of the expectations and fears of others.

The one thing that is impossible in this World is to change everybody’s thoughts, beliefs and emotions to fit snugly with your personal life in order to create total happiness. It will never happen so why keep trying to create that World?

Happiness is dependent on one thing – Your state of mind! People around you will forever offer their opinions and share views that you don’t agree with. Some of those views will make you unhappy and some may make you angry. You have the option to change those emotions and turn your life into a positive and fulfilling one.

You can choose to be happy. It really is that simple. You will meet lots of people during your lifetime will try to force their opinions upon you regardless whether you agree or not with what they have to say. You can absolve your mind of the opinions or values you disagree with and concentrate on the matters you agree with and make you feel positive.

Nobody has greater control over your mind than you. Why fill it with thoughts that make you feel sad? If somebody else has just bought the house of your dreams, will it make any difference if you are upset over it? The answer is of course no so why take the time to be negative. Life moves on and so should you.

This is valid throughout every event of your life. There will be some hard and terribly sad times ahead. As in all aspects of life, it is down to you alone to decide how to feel when these times occur. People around you will try to influence how you deal with matters whether they realise they are doing it or not but it is solely up to you how to handle things.

Life need not be complicated. Do not concern yourself with matters that you have no control over. It is a total waste of time and effort. Focus your mind on how to make the best of your World. Keep aiming for your goals but don’t give yourself a hard time if you don’t quite achieve them. Take an open minded approach to life and remember the secret of happiness lies with you alone.