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The Rock and Roll Credit Crunch

After reading the interview with Angus Young in a music magazine recently, I was roused out of the commercialised smog of the music meat market. I got to thinking about the eccentric anarchistic legends of yesteryear, when up crops Johnny Rotten on the television advertising ‘Country life’ butter being chased across Emmerdale bloody farm by a cow!
It’s bad enough that once the iconic symbols of rock n roll and voice of the youth have succumbed to reality television. But being the spokesperson for a dairy product that in my opinion is purchased by people who have farmhouse fitted kitchens and tea cosies. It’s beggars belief that Mr Rotten should even comprehend such an idea as a good career move!..You’d of thought he’d of learnt that from the Ozzy Osbourne an his ‘I can’t believe it’s not butter’ stint!
Ozzy Osbourne was once considered as the spawn of Satan based on his eerie vocals and being labeled as a ‘Satanist’ and the ‘Prince of Darkness’. In 2005 Ozzy and Black Sabbath were inducted into the Rock and Roll hall of fame, where Ozzy mooned the crowd because of their poor reception whilst they were playing! Ozzy also revieved a ‘godlike genius’ award at the 2004 NME awards.
Johnny Rotten on the other hand was infamous for his ‘Smash the State’ antics and punk anarchistic rebellion. In 1997 the Sex Pistols released their anti monarch anthem “God Save The Queen” during the week of Queen Elizabeth II’s silver jubilee.
The controversy surrounding the song caused Johnny Rotten to be lynched by the angry mob and stabbed and a near miss eye gouging incident. The sex Pistols were also inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2006, but they refused to attend due to being asked for a large sum of money to attend the bash, as it went against everything the band stood for!
Here we have some of Rock’s most famous, iconic and contreversial son’s appearing on pre-watershed television as spokes-person’s for dairy produce without as much as a swear word, bat execution, or pill popping episode in sight.

It seems that the rock n roll bye-laws and everything they stood for have been hit by their own ‘Credit Crunch’!
But surely their royalties, merchandise and album sales should be enough to keep them in stockpiles of Jack Daniels and questionable pills for life?…Guess not. Is it greed? gluttony? Or a momentary lapse of reason?
Which is why it makes a refreshing change to see that the likes of AC/DC the Stones and Zeppelin continue to pledge allegiance to the long standing commandments of rock.
…In the words of Angus:…”For Those About To Rock…We Salute You!”