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The Rights of Parents as Enjoined by Islam

“He who wishes to enter Paradise must please his father and mother”, said the Prophet of Islam. Note that pleasing parents does not guarantee an automatic entrance to Paradise, but pleasing them is one of the requirements to such access to Paradise.


In Islam, there are various rights assured to wives, husbands, children, parents, the environment, animals, human bodies, employers, employees, counselors, counselees, advisors, advisees, non-Muslims and others. All of this categories enjoy special types of rights that are unique but, of course, there are universal rights enjoyed by all humans. These types fall under the ” Creature’s Rights ” which is differentiated from ” The Creator’s Rights “. There might be some overlap and interaction between these two major rights in that the protection of creature’s rights is one of the creator’s rights.


A son/daughter should:-

1. Behave in good manners before his/her parents.

2. Advise them.

3. Thank them.

4. Accept their orders except what is sinful.

5. Make his/her temper mild before them.

6. Make his/her heart tender toward them.

7. Not abandon his/her relationship with them whatsoever, even if the parents believe in other religions.

8. Ask Allah to forgive them and to be pleased with them for their kindness to him/her during the days of his infancy.

9. Ask Allah to reward them for whatever harm has touched them from him/her, detested thing has reached them from him/her or right of their rights which has been neglected by him/her.

10. Lower his/her voice before them.

In the world of ideal education there is no morals like these morals through which man is sublime and his life is prosperous.


“O Allah fill me with awe of my parents, the awe one has toward a tyrannical sovereign, and let me be devoted to them, with the devotion of a compassionate mother! Make my obedience and devotion to them more gladdening to my eyes than sleep to the drowsy and more refreshing to my breast than drink to the thirsty, so that I may prefer their inclination to my inclination, set their satisfaction before my satisfaction, make much of their devotion to me though it be little, and make little of my devotion to them though it be great.” One of Zayn Al-Abidin’s world-class parents-related supplications.


Having a quick look at the parents’ rights, you can be astonished by how grown sons and daughters should treat their parents. Keeping the relationship alive even if conflicts arrive, expressing gratitude, giving advices, lowering voices, asking God to forgive and reward them, and above all, accepting all of their orders. Isn’t that just too much of awe, respect and reverence?

If you take a holistic approach to life, you will recognize that the whole society is compromised by a huge number of families, and the well-being of such families will shape the society instantaneously. Therefore, when the household live in an environment full of synergy and respect, then the society will operate in a productive mode. Moreover, children see and connect to their parents more than anyone else, so if they get used to behave in good manners before them day-in day-out; that would help in developing responsible caring individuals to the general public. After all, children act to the public what they learn at home.

That is why I don’t think it is right to look at ” Parents’ Rights in Islam ” as too much respect and humility, but as lucrative package that brings all types of rewards and benefits to humanity.