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The Prophets of Islam

Allah has created man with soil. When Allah created first man Adam (A.S), He orders all of his angles to put down their heads against Him. All of the angles fellows the order except Ibless, who was not angle but a Jinn and made up of fire. He disobeys the Allah’s order due to the proud of his creation and ask to get lost from sight of Allah and permanent the hell as a reward of this proudly act. The Shaitan ask Allah to give him some time until the judgment day, he will take his follower to hell with him. Allah said those who listen to you will go in to the hell with you but many of my pupil never listen to you because they have taqwa inside their heart and they love Allah. The Jinnah is waiting for them as a reward from myself and they will remain their always.

From that time the evil was behind the man to take them away from Allah’s orders and make the manhis follower. Allah love his all creatures and He made man superior in His all creature, because He give him mind to think about the right and wrong. He is so merciful and kind that to guide the man right path He send His prophets, who teach them the message of Allah, aware them with the tricks of Iblees.

Islam has sent many messengers and prophets toward the disobeying nations time by time. The first man prophet Adam (A.S) was the first prophet of Islam and he always orders to his family step on the right path which takes towards the Allah. After him (A.S) we found from history prophet Nouh(A.S), which has send toward the notion who had kept himself in the trap of evil. Only few people became Muslim and rest of them has drown away in the fluid which caused by the heavy rain although his wife also. The rest of the people spread here and there and living their lives.

After that we found prophet Ibrahim(A.S) and Ismail(A.S) who builds the Holy Kabba as a center for all Muslims. The Quran did not mention the original sequence of the prophets. One prophet was Lut(A.S),whose nation was in the habit of unisex, Allah has destroyed this nation except few Muslims who has fear of Allah in their heart.

Well Quran says in chapter “Al-An’am” verse number83
“We have given this(Haqq) to ISHAQ(A.S) and YAQOB(A.S), We shows the way to all, and we show the way to NOUH(A.S) before them and from their breeds DAWOOD(A.S) and SULIMAN”(A.S) and AUYOOB(A.S) and YOUSAF(A.S) and MOUSES(A.S) and HAROON(A.S). Like this we give reward to the honest one.”
Later in verse number 84 and 85 Allah has mention more names of Prophets
“And also ZAKIRIYA(A.S) and YAHYHA(A.S) and ESA(A.S). They all are between the good men.
And also ISMAIL(A.S) and YASA(A.S) and YOUNOS(A.S) and LUT(A.S)”
These are the prophets which has mentioned in Quran and other prophets are Yousaf(A.S) which has send towards the Egypt . Although some more prophets are there this has not mentioned in the Quran. After all the prophets the last prophet Muhammad (p.b.u.h) came toward the people of Makah. He gave the message of Allah. They has completed Deen by the hands of His last prophet (p.b.u.h). H e was not sending towards one nation or tribe, he was sending for the whole humanity and world. Allah made him merci for the entire universe as mentioned in the Quran.

Well now I has mentioned the name of the prophets but the most important thing is why they has been send and what are their duties. They has been send to spread the message of Allah, and to show the right path to the people who forgotten their ways. Allah has decided to send men towards men not angles because they play a role model for humanity. All the messengers are human and if they can live their lives according to Islam why don’t us. This is the last argue for human to come towards Allah otherwise evil is there for their companionship which take them towards the hell and total loss.

According to the Quran the Allah has send their messenger to give the happy news of Jinnah to them who are on right way and afraid them who are walking on the path of evil. After the prophets nobody can give this argue to Allah that we don’t know anything. Allah has shown the right path and now its our duty to accept the Haqq and through away the Iblees who is sitting inside our hearts. May Allah give Jinnah to all the prophets and guide us to the path which they shown us ”