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The Power of the Dark Side – Dark side

The Power of the Dark Side

The proof of the power of the dark side begins with the Phantom Menace. This Phantom Menace controls the plot throughout all six movies. In episode one, Palpatine works among the senators and Jedi without even a hint of his power. He plots and lies his way to become Chancellor of the Senate, yet no Jedi senses his deceit. He secretly forms a clone army, and starts the separatist movement to gain more control over the senate and not one Jedi questions this. Palpatine uses the dark side of the force, to string along the Jedi’s to their doom. The dark side of the force propels the Jedi’s and the senate out of power and places it in the hands of Palpatine.

The dark side is so powerful that even the Jedi master Yoda cannot see its true nature. “Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, and hate leads to suffering…” (Lucas 1999) Yoda know that fear is the path to the dark side and he sees this fear in Anakin; however, he does not see the dark side working its way into this young boy. Yoda also knows how”…clouded, this boy’s future is.” (Lucas 1999) If only Yoda could see through the cloud of the dark side but he cannot.

In Attack of the Clones we find out that a clone army has been created. This army was created ten years earlier and yet the Jedi’s did not see this. Even Yoda is fooled, “Blind we are, of the creation of this clone army we could not see” (Lucas 2002) not seeing the creation of this Clone army further support the power of the dark side over the light side. Not only did the Jedi’s not know about the clone army they missed the whole plot against the Republic.

The dark side is so powerful that even those using it are not aware of its actual control over them and their actions. Anakin Skywalker is the perfect example of this. He was so blinded by the dark side that he cannot see that his actions are causing the very thing he feared. His temptation into the dark side come from his love for Amidala and his false sense that he needs to find a way to save Amidala from an unknown threat to her life. Palpatine used the fear of losing Amidala to pull Anakin to the dark side. Palpatine promised Anakin that the dark side could save Amidala, when in fact this causes and event that makes Amidala lose her will to live.

In the end, it is not the light side of the force that brought Palpatine to his knees, but his own over confidence in his control over Anakin. Palpatine did not realize that Anakin’s love for his son could cause enough doubt for Vader to take action to save his son.

The dark side has far greater power than the light side of the force. The dark side gains its power from the control it has over its followers. Those that embrace the dark side of the force, gain a false sense that they are in control of their actions, when in reality the dark side is manipulating them for its own needs. In addition, because it relies on the selfishness of its users, it is able to easily control them. This control gives the user an uninhibited use of this power and this is where the real power of the dark side comes from.