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The Possibility of Life after Death

For countless years, humans have wondered what happens to us when we die. It seems like that innate question exists within each man, woman, and child. The fear of the unknown drives each of our human minds to worry about what is to become of us after our physical life is terminated here on earth. Perhaps if we were better able to differentiate the mind, body, and spirit, it would become much easier for us to contemplate our lives after our physical bodies have perished.
As humans, our existence is based upon the three vital elements of mind, body, and spirit.

The afterlife, however, is composed of simply our spirits. The essence of this very idea is quite often very difficult for humans to contemplate because we are so greatly dependent upon our physical selves. In a true attempt to consider the afterlife, one must obtain the acquired ability to separate physicality from spirituality. That is, a person must allow the spirit to rise out from under the captivity of physicality and human conditioning and rise to a place of higher status where the spirit can freely roam, explore, and discover.

This state of perpetual freedom and light is often thought to be “far away” from our daily state of consciousness. In contrast, this place is actually very close to us. It is very warm – very reassuring, and very familiar. Studies and reports have actually proven time and time again that people who have experienced out of body experiences will agree that this place where the spirit is actually free is very gentle, very compassionate, and very real. It is a state of completion, light, and energy where all becomes clear and known to the spirit at hand.

It is by the essence of our very human confines, that there will never be a state of certainty regarding life after death. Perhaps it is our destiny to not know too much about this beautiful afterlife until we have completed our mission here on earth. In retrospect, would be find the afterlife as captivating and as interesting if we knew all of the answers about its very composition and nature? Would be be as intrigued with life after death if we had all of the answers in our physical form? Finally, if we were to know all of the specific details about life after death, would that not deplete the the very mystery of mankind and human nature which plagues the human mind and tickles the creative nature within us all?