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The Penalty of Unforgiven Sins

Assessing the relation between sins and death:

We are all going to die.

One day, we will simply stop breathing and our souls will leave this prison of flesh and blood.

Some believe in the Rapture. Some do not. For those who do-the ones who are “taken up” in the second of the Rapture will be the only people who will not see an earthly death. They will leave this prison of flesh and blood as they are transformed in that moment of change into heavenly beings.

In my opinion the relation between sins and death can be narrowed down to one thing: choice.

The Holy Bible tells us that all have sinned and come short of the glory of God. Even those of us who accept Jesus Christ as our personal Savior will continue to sin until they die. Any human being who tells you they do not sin, or that they have never sinned-is a liar! Don’t walk-run-away from them!

You may ask, “How then, if we all sin-is it determined whether we go to heaven or hell after death?”

The answer to that is so very simple: “Those Christians who accept Jesus Christ as their Savior are-at that same moment-accepting the only blood that can and will cover their earthly sin in the eyes of God.” We all sin. It is impossible as a human being not to commit one sin or another in our daily lives. The difference between heaven and hell after death is that a Christian’s sins are blotted out by the holy blood of Jesus Christ. That is God’s perfect plan for our redemption from the sin He knew we would not be free from otherwise.

Why didn’t God simply eliminate sin and be done with it? We go back to that one word: “Choice.” Why didn’t God prevent Lucifer from perpetrating the first sin in heaven? It is for the same reason that God does not literally forbid us from sin: “Choice.”

We want our children, our parents and our friends to love us. We want them to love us just because of who we are. We want them to love and accept us by their own free will-not because we try to force them to. What is “Love On Demand?” That is not love!

Our Heavenly Father created us to love Him. But! He gave us free will! He wants us to love Him by our own free will, just as we want to be loved by others of their own free will! We don’t want “puppets;” and neither does God.

Sin is a thing that we must live with and battle every day of our lives. So what does that make Jesus Christ? Did Jesus come to eliminate sin? No. He came to be the Forgiveness of our sins! He was sent by God to cover our sins with His holy blood so that God could not see it, because God cannot look upon sin. Without the blood of Jesus covering our sins, we are filthy in the eyes of God.

So you see, God not only gave us free will in a world of sin, He gave us the solution to our seemingly impossible dilemma of sin!

Accept the fact that we will never be free of sin in this earthly life. But accept also the fact that the blood of Jesus Christ has got us, as Christians, covered!

As for those who choose not to accept Jesus Christ as their own personal Savior? Your eternal future looks really bleak. Your relation between sin and death is this: “Your unforgiven sins have a very high price tag. The penalty is eternity in hell.”

Choose wisely.