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The Muslim Expression Allahu Akbar

The Muslim expression Allahu Akbar is a commonly said phrase which basically means “Allah (God) is the Greatest.” When this phrase is recited it is called “Takbir” (in Arabic), and often times when Muslims are happy and wishing to express their happiness and joy will say Takbir, and then others will reply with Allahu Akbar.

Muslims tend to use the expression for lots of reasons and to express various emotions. It is a means to praise Almighty Allah and glorifying Him and acknowledgment of His Greatness. It is also mentioned at gatherings or at times of joy since all blessings are from Allah.Since Muslims praise Allah in every aspect of life, this is just one of the many phrases to praise and glorify Allah.

It is said during the call to prayer (adhan), it is whispered into the ear of every Muslim new-born, and it is mentioned with most movements of the five daily prayers and is exclaimed at many other times or when one witnesses the greatness of Allah.

Essentially since Allah is Greater, the Muslim who pronounces this phrase while in prayer or any other circumstance is instantly reminded that no matter what problem they have, person they love, or affair that’s taken their time and energy, in the end it is Allah that remains Great and worthy of worship and reverence.  It means that nothing can supersede God or be better than Him.

Since Islam is a monotheistic faith stressing much importance to worshipping God and none other than God alone, He Allah is ultimately The Greatest. One of Allah’s names, out of the many beautiful names and attributes include ‘Al-Akbar’ meaning “The Great(est).”

Whether the Muslim be faced with a dire situation or when faced with fear, they will often proclaim Gods greatness, since it is only He that should be and is worthy to be feared, and all help or benefit can come from Him. It produces a feeling of humility at times before the One who created all, since Allah is Greater than anything, and the individual Muslim is a creation among many from Him.

Any problem or issue is made seemingly small when this phrase is mentioned since Allah is greater than the affair or problem at hand, and surely He is the only one who can benefit. These words also express the meaning that Allah is worthy of all worship and none other than Him should be worshipped; it frees the Muslim from worshipping material things or other people or created beings. It helps the Muslim to put their affairs into perspective.

The Muslim expression Allahu Akbar is a frequently said one and is known to every Muslim. It is said to express the greatness of the Creator of all, and said to glorify Him. It is said during prayer and at other times, and reminds Muslims that no matter what problems may seem to be drowning them, Allah is Greater than all of it, and it is Him that should be turned to for help and guidance.