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The Mobile Phone is a Treasure that we should Utilise in Good Fashion

The mobile phone is a wonderful device, that has been playing a wonderful role in our day to day life. So Islam has no proscription whatsoever against that invention, for it has never been against any advancements that can be of avail to mankind.  However, there are some Islamic manners, that an individual should take into account, whilst using the mobile phone.

The mobile phone must be switched off in the Masjid.  It is utterly impolite and impertinent, because it is primarily insolent for the Masjid, and secondarily to the people in the Masjid. The ring-tone of the mobile phone causes a disturbance to those people, as it distracts them from their prayers. Besides, it  disturbs and distracts the owner  of the mobile phone as well, because it makes him/her thinking of who is the caller. Therefore It is completely imprudent to leave the mobile phone switched on.         

The ring-tone of the mobile phone should be a simple ring-tone.  It is haram (prohibited) to use any kind of musical ring-tone, for Islam generally proscribes music. Besides, the ring-tone cannot be Adhan (Islamic call to prayer) , nor recitation of Koran, for these things are not tended to inform us that someone is calling. Whereas, they are tended to inform us of something more significant and indeed spiritual. Thus, the ring-tone should be a simple one.         

There are limited rings that one should make.  It is scrupulous and altruistic to limit the calls one makes, because she/he may be away from the phone, or he/she is in the Masjid.  In addition, one should not exceed three calls, for it may be that the person upset, and he/she does not wish to talk to anyone at all. Aside from the aforementioned, one should not call people late at night for they may be slumbering. Therefore, one should limit and time the calls he/she should make.    

The mobile phone is the purloiner of time. One can squander many hours talking on the phone. It is made to serve as a wonderful tool of communication, on condition that it is made use of. One must utilise the mobile phone merely to talk about beneficial things, as it can be sometimes used to ask about the family and friends. It is not meant to be used for talking about trivia and life minutiae,  because one should make use of his/her time wisely. That is to utilise it in significant and fecund activities . The prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) says : “There are two blessings which many people lose: (They are) health and free time for doing good.”  Thus, one should make use of his/her time.

The mobile phone is a treasure, that we should utilise in a good fashion. Islamic manners can be considered the appropriate use of the mobile phone,  because they are enormously altruistic and availing to mankind.