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The Media and its Affect on Women

The media has seemingly inhumanizes celebrities. Be it men or women. Case in point, Britney Spears. She is going through a myriad of issues with her mental illness. Everyone is just looking for another reason to ridicule her in some way. It’s sadly entertaining to some people. For others, it may be old hat, tired of hearing it. But when push comes to shove, she’s just a regular person that has been glorified, therefore, to the eye of the “regular Joe”, she is not supposed to function in a way that “regular” people do. Are celebrities the only people that make bad choices or mistakes? No. Everyone, at some time in their life, has made a mistake. Be it minuscule or earth-shattering. Yet, people expect perfection from these people, just because we’ve seen them on television. In general, there seems to be a greater focus on female celebrities. Fame is not as glamorous as it may seem in many different ways. Sure, the money is good, and some people enjoy the attention. But how would any one person cope with trying to deal with some kind of tragedy, and being surrounded by photographers and the media snapping cameras in our faces and asking a million questions? I believe that anyone would crack under that kind of pressure. Women seem to be more emotional than men, in the sense of showing their emotions. Henceforth, more susceptible to making a scene when they are on their last legs. The public revels in it. It is interesting to watch other people falter. If people focused more on their problems, and the problems with the environment, the world might be a better place to live in. Why is it important that Michael Jackson did this, or Britney’s sister did that? Why is that relevant? How does it affect anyone else? It doesn’t. So why would people even care? People religiously follow these stories for entertainment purposes, as all of the other critical issues in the world are shoved aside. No one is perfect, and it shouldn’t be expected. Some children and teens look up to celebrities for role models, and that is normal. But it is up to the parents to teach morals and values. Anyone who relies solely on a famous person to mold their child into a functional human being, has obviously been very mislead. What people fail to take into consideration is that people are human, famous or not.