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The Importance of Jesus in Islam


This is a very different slant of the importance of Jesus in Islam. The facts remain, Christian, Jew, or Islam, would have no Roots without the same Father, God. For Christian, Jew, or Islam, He is One, and the same, God. Like all different languages, Names can mean the same, but pronounced and spelt very differently. Isa, the Arabic for Jesus, is no different than, my Pacific Island, of Yesu.

Alternatively, God in the Afrikaans-Dutch of Southern Africa, is Allerhoogste (which means The Most High.) Just as Allah is meant the same, in Islam. Jah is used in the Old Testament, in place of Jehovah, of the Jews and Christians. It is just an example of differences, misunderstood by name. (Even the female English Jan, can mean John, in a simpler analogy of Nordic languages.)

To our Brothers and Sisters of Islam, the promise was the same, which this same God made to the Prophet Abraham. The importance of the Prophet Abraham, is the same Link to Jews or Christians, all beginning with Adam. Only as an individual Religion, did each begin in their own time, but not through Abraham. It was all first the belief in the One True God Perception, as Nations.

Just as Islam, as a religion began with the Prophet Mohammed, after the time of Jesus to whom the Christians are affiliated. Moreover, the word Religion, not Race, of the Jews, existed before that. Starting with Abraham’s Son, Jacob, (called Israel.) And from his Son, Judah.
Ad Jesus. the Balance, in the middle.

Yet their peoples were all as one, after Abraham. Jews were not Jews, by Religion, but Israelites, or Hebrews, or Ishmaelites, still very much Palestinians, still in the land of Palestine, Egypt, and all the Arabian Lands. Yet without Father Abraham, (from where he first came, now called Iraq,) right through until now, not Islam, Jew, nor Christian, would be joined, by blood. (Or to the so-called Middle Eastern Religion of One God, and many Prophets.)

I am Christian; with my ties and blood going right back to my roots in Ishmael’s Sands. My ties are stronger than blood. It is called Spirit. There have always been, divisions, even in blood, and history has proven it does not have to be a Religion that cannot live together, but even blood families! And, like family, even they, Islam or Jew, and Christian, are divided in themselves. Yet all three have the same Root in the One God.

Religion, does not divide us. It is we, the different, who devide ourselves from each other. We that fail to take each other’s hand, in Brotherly Love. I also understand what the saying of Jesus was, to be “born again in Spirit” (not just born in the body.) This is the tie, the Spirit I carry within me from my beginnings, which go right back, even to Ishmael’s sands. Abraham’s first born, by his wife Sarah’s consent, to her Egyptian maid, because she could not then concieve first. This firstborn Son of Abraham was Ishmael.

Though I am Christian, I identify with “the pen”, and “the she camel” of Islam. I have worked with, these of the Muslim Faith; been honored by their Imams, to be allowed in the upper chambers of their Mosque, and told, “You understand us. We don’t usually allow women in here.” Then I was asked to help them. To teach and talk with their women folk, because of what they felt, I understood, without words. That would have been an honor to follow through with, at the time. Except my time was full, my work already in over-load, in a different way, working in the streets of the homeless.

In Christian Faith, if truth be told, even Jesus said (if they believe,) to the very wrongly judged, Mary
Magdalene, “Go tell the people I go to your Father and my Father, to your God and to my God.” He would hardly say that if he was God. He certainly either remained silent when on trial, or, if he did open his mouth when asked if he was God, answered, “You say that I am.”

No one can sway me that he did not overcome the power of death. That is something possible (if you believe, all things really are possible with God.) Not being of this world, he was definitely taken up (and up is up,) not to float on a cloud forever, so there has to be somewhere else out there. Islam also claims their Prophet Mohammed was taken up likewise. They were not the only ones who were.

I fail to understand why devout Christians, overlook in the Book of Revelation, where he clearly says,”I am of your fathers the prophets, do not worship me, worship God.” Some Jesus followers are literally fanatical. The same as some Islam, in conjunction with their Prophet Mohammed. On the other hand, there are also fanatical Jewish, sects. Each one to their own: but these hardly extend the hand of brotherly love.

Yet if truth was accepted, Jesus really did come to this Earth for the purpose he did. For no one whom God chooses, does not fulfill the purpose. He was intended to die and to prove victory over death. Otherwise, his story would be fruitless. It can do nobody any harm, to believe such seemingly way out things. It only adds to the wonder and power of all that is possible, with God.

This same Jesus was sent as the Messiah to the Jews. They rejected him. Yet those called the gentiles, even Muslims, embrace him more. It should be no different to embrace each other as Brothers and Sisters, of One True God. Religion is a man coined word, and the differences, which divide one another, are also man made.

Jesus is as important to Islam, as all the Prophets who have had a roll to carry out in even our Christian and Jewish Faith. From Adam, to Noah, and to even when Jesus prophesied, the earth would be, “as in the days of Noah again.” He was not referring to a flood, but the Earth as a whole. Even Noah, is considered a Prophet, and was seen as a very unusual baby, and his grandfather declared he was not of this world!

Today we are almost there, as One Tongue, (English,) and close to all being forced into a Western Dress, Culture, and Education. With all our cities catering for the same goals. Driving the same cars. Walking the walk. Talking the talk. Islam claims God is the God of the Judgment Day. Jesus said the same!

The importance of Jesus in Islam, is that they do recognise him: so why can’t Christians, and Jews recognise that in Name, we all worship the same God? And none of us were intended to call Jesus God, as he said he was not.